Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Teenage Crime!

Ghost Eye Pack and XXX (ripped) stockings from Onyx Wear! The eye pack includes 2 sets of eyes (light and dark, small and large pupil), prim lashes and eyeshadow. I wear the lashes and shadow everyday! Plus...the eyes are totally cool and different with amazing texture. Check em out in store or on marketplace here..

Song for today...Teenage Crime by Adrian Lux...LOVE this tune! check it out..

What I am wearing..

:OW: Mini Skirt Dark
:OW: XXX Stockings (new!) on marketplace here
:OW: Ghost Eyes (includes eyes - light and dark, eyeshadow and lashes) here
:Fusion" Feathered Charm Bracelet
Primitive Design - Belt
Cynful Heart Gloves in Black
SINRA Nails from Mandala
Admiral Spicy! Hawteh Top
Hair - Magika
GOSHI Pumps from Mstyle
[Glue Ink] No regrets Tat (new)
SINRA Bracelet from Mandala
Mandala Luck Earring

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