Friday, January 29, 2010

Casual Days with Miel..

..stopped by Miel last night, and noticed some new stuff I just had to get. I haven't looked around the store in a few weeks so I am not sure when they were released..

As most of you know Hyper Couture has a new hair section..well this hair was just released today, and I am lovin' it! This one is from the black pack, but I also bought the blondes..and reasonably priced too at 175L. :D

These boots, from Miel, I think they are from 50L Fridays or Hump Day (my bad) but they are rockin' none the less, lol.

What I am wearing (Sisely)..

Hair - HC Hair Salon - Gemma (new)
Miel Hai Boots - red (69L Fridays)
Shirt (under) & Underwear - INDI Designs from Donna Outfit (xmas gift)
!mps! armwarmers and nails
Miel am Tulip Scuplted Skirt
Miel Lo Refurbished Socks
Belleza Skin
Cake Lashes
Emery Leather Vest

Hair - HC Hair Salon - Gemma (new)
Lelutka Saffron Pumps in Terracotta
Mandala Tahara Bangle in Orange/Brown
Pants - Miel Hi Pants
Miel Mo Tube Top - sunset
Cake Lashes
Paradisis Jacket - from hands off outfit
Belleza skin
!mps! handwarmers and nails
Loogo Necklace from Pink !nc.
[AddiCt] Marilyn pierce

Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Glammed" Up..

Some awesome goodies..
The first two outfits are free gifts from Rohant/House of Fox - 2 stores right across from each other. You will need to join the group to get the items in House of Fox, but the dresses at Rohant you just buy for 0L.
This first one is the White Couture also comes with a hat (not shown)..but I added this cute band from ::Split Pea:: (gift from a while back). it is paired with the silver leggins - also free from House of Fox. I have had this hair from Pr!tty for a little while but no opportunity to wear this is perfect. :) Check out Pr!tty as there is another hair available now as well, and 2 gifts (necklace and bracelet). The store is still under construction, so not sure how long these gifts will be there.

This one is the Black Sequins outfit..comes with the dress and the leggings - bonus.

Seldom Blue has a few items (gowns, dresses and some lingerie) around the grid for 1L..this one is the Stella Gown, and I absolutely love it. It's sexy but still classy..and the skirt is amazing. As soon as I put the dress on, I felt like grabbing a partner and heading over to Frank's Place. :) You have to see it on to appreciate it, these pics just don't do it justice.

My necklace is from ruru@pino - nicely detailed and so pretty. There are a bunch of dollarbies and group gifties on the far wall by the lucky chair, so check them out too.

Happy Shopping Everyone!

Glitterati Disco Ball with Poses (hunt from last month) - 5 balls hidden around the store (not sure if it is still going on - but the disco ball poses are also for sale)

What I am wearing..
Oufit 1 (Sisely)
PR!TTY Runway Model Hair
Skin - Belleza
Rohant/House of Fox - White Couture Dress (including gloves)
House of Fox - Silver Leggins
::Split Pea:: Fly Me Away Headband

Outfit 2 (Sisely)
PR!TTY Runway Model Hair
Skin - Belleza
Rohant/House of Fox - Black Sequins Dress
!mps! Armwarmers and nails
Paradisis The Student Socks (from outfit)
Saffron Pumps from Lelutka
Arm Band Tattoo from Popfuzz
Bitch Heart Necklace from [AddiCt]

Outfit 3 (Sisely)
Lelutka Saffron Pumps
(Seldom Blue) Stella Gown
Couture Gloves - from white couture outfit
PR!TTY Runway Model Hair
tomoto - corsage des fleurs - in hair
Skin - Belleza
Necklace - Ruru@pino GamuranBall

Friday, January 22, 2010

My Pinkie Skull Yummies! Part 1

My Pinkie one word..awesomeness!

Friends of mine had mentioned this store in passing before but I never made it there...until this week. Imagine my surprise when I walked in and realised that I absolutely loved could I not have been here before! Well I was truly in my element, and so happy about it xD

Everything comes in so many awesome colours..and being a lover of pink..and purple..I was sooo excited. Not only that, but everything is well made and is very reasonably priced. A store after my own heart :))

The stripes dress comes with the scarf and matching leggings - it also comes in red and copper, so go check them out too. =D The Sim is cute as well, and has lots of great stores to explore, including [bubble].

There are so many great things to show you from My Pinkie Skull, so I have named this Part there are definitely more posts to come!

Outfit 1 (Sisely)
Shirt - !mPS! Short Black Top
Skirt - !mPS! Miscro Skirt in Purple
Tattoo (lower) - !mPS! Hearts Tattoo
Tattoo (upper) - artilleri Maggie Tattoo
Gloves - !mPS! Armwarmers and nails
Face Tattoo - Grunge Heart from kOwP
Socks - Paradisis The Student socks
Hair -
Skin - [KA]
Boots - (Shiny Things) Chunky Boots
Bangles - Pewter Night Bangle from Baubles Jewelry

Outfit 2 (Sisely)
Shirt (under) - !mPS! Clubber Top (from outfit)
Shirt (upper) - Armidi Sheer Tank (Shop Armidi)
Tights - !mPS! Capri Dots in Purple
Tattoo (lower) - !mPS! Hearts Tattoo
Tattoo (upper) - Star Stratus from Aitui
Hair -
Skin - [KA]
Boots - (Shiny Things) Chunky Boots
Bangles - Pewter Night Bangle from Baubles Jewelry

Outfit 3 (Sisely)
Outfit - !mPS! Stripes Dress with leggings & scarf
Gloves - !mPS! LaceMe Armwarmers in black
Hair -
Skin - [KA]
Boots - (Shiny Things) Chunky Boots
Bangles - Pewter Night Bangle from Baubles Jewelry

Friday, January 15, 2010

I Want My MTV..look at them yo-yo's that's the way you do it!

That ain't workin' thats the way you do it - money for nothin' and your chicks for free..

..can't get enough of my m"TV" lol ..nuff said! ...having my 2 year rezz party tomorrow night at Onyx, thought I would blog my "pretty in pink" outfit xD

What I am wearing..(Sisely)
-SU!- Caprice Dress Pink
LeLutka Saffron Pumps
Hair - Dernier Cri (loving this hair)
Juicy - platinum Princess Ring 1L in store
!MPS! Armwarmers and Nails
Curio Skin
{SMS} ANother Vintage Jacket (Red Cross Donation Item)
!MPS! Lycra Leggings

oo ya..kewl posing televisor retro (free from Lost Angels..not sure if it is still there) comes with 2 poses

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lovin' The New Reek Boots!

Bring on the snow!

Ok, let's talk boots...these boots rock..and the colors rock too. Just when I forget about Reek, they manage to release something to remind me! While I was there, I grabbed the snow wall and snow ball your back cause you might find a few coming your da face! I am just waiting for the right moment, lol.

OW has has just released some awesome sequins tops this week..and I was lucky enough to have one sent to me - yay! As usual, the texture and fit are amazing =)

..I landed in DYN and found these new released adorable pop dresses..there are 8 in the fatpack, all of which are worth getting (one of which is only available in the fatpack). I also found the metallic tights from the same store, and switched it up with the metallic leggings from Armidi. =)

Enjoy the snow folks!

What I am wearing..
Worn in all Femme Fatale Earrings from Glow (hard to see)

Boots - Reek Autumn Boots fingerless gloves
DNY Metallic Leggings
New* Onyx Wear Sequins Top
Hair - Exile Breeze
::UM:: Fur Muffler
Skin - YS&YS Sharon

Boots - Reek Autumn Boots fingerless gloves
Hair - Dernier Cri
Armidi Metallic Leggings from
New* DNY Pop Dress
Redgrave Fur Cape
Curio Skin (snow angel)

Boots - Reek Autumn Boots fingerless gloves
DNY Metallic Leggings
New* DNY Pop Dress
Hair - Truth
Regrave Fur Cape
Skin - YS&YS Sharon

Boots - Reek Autumn Boots fingerless gloves
Hair - Truth
Armidi Metallic Leggings
New* DNY Pop Dress
Redgrave Fur Cape
Curio Skin - Elf (xmas gift)

Monday, January 11, 2010

..they finally put me in a padded room!

Ok, so maybe there is some truth to me possibly needing to spend some time in a padded room, lol - just ask my friends. :-P ya ya..

Seriously..if anyone has pesky in-laws like me in RL, they will completely understand why this room is my new sanctuary, lol. (half kidding)

I know it is hard to see but...yes, it is an adorable mix tape in my mouth, from Pink Fuel =)

..glitter pants from [ILAYA] (new)

What I am wearing (Sisely) Fingerless Gloves in Black
LeLutka - Saffron Pumps - Bright Pack (Pink)
Tattoo - Evil Neko
::BBD:: CrystalRose Ring
[ILAYA] - Lucina Glitter Pants (new)
K&CO - Sequins Glamour Vest
!Ohmai - Highrise Tank - Barbie
Skin - Glance Adriana
Padded Room - La Petite Morte (in case any of you need some solitary confinement)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pink n' Gold @ the Barn

Who says you need to wear overalls while hangin' round a barn? =) Not me! lol.

..needed a pick me up in pink today...pretty grim outside in RL..the snow is melting and all but dirty slush is left, sadly. From what I hear, we are going to be having some pretty mild weather for the next week or so. That means RARE chance of snow, and RARE chance of good skiiing. Not cool.

But, on a more positive note...

..cute hair - free from Exile (colour demo) the back =) I am sporting the new LeLutka Saffron Pumps yet from the brights pack. I just bought this pack today - yay! I am sure I will have all packs within the next week lol. (Oh, what confidence I have in myself winks*)

Classic metallic leggings from Armidi..have had these for such a long time. I actually wore them with my 80's outfit for an 80's party I Djed about a month ago =) They are so versatile, and definitely one of my favorites.

I know tons and tons of people have posted the new tweed jacket from Aoharu already, but I feel I must put in my 2 cents too! =) Well....I am loving it. I got it in Ivory and Pink, but was tempted to get a couple other colours as well. I am sure I will indulge myself in the next week or so..that is one thing about SL, I tend to spoil myself like crazy, and why not right?

PS. Hope everyone's new year is starting off great! Cheers to an awesome year! (clink)

What I am wearing (Sisely):
Jacket - AOHARU Tweed Short Jacket in Pink
INDI - Black Gloves (part of outfit from December gift in-store)
[LeLutka] Saffron Pumps in Black
Baiastice Gold Belt - from dress outfit
*KL* Creole Earring in Gold
Hair - Exile Susan (free in-store)
Armidi Metallic Tights
Skin - Glance Adriana
(All pics taken at Pixel Mode)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Flashdance meets Disco..?

Ok, not only am I so caught up in the 80' legwarmers, bright eyeshadows, flashdance, big hair, etc. but I love music. 80's music takes me back to school dances (well late 80's) and oooh the crushes I had on some boys winks* It was such a happy innocent time in my memory, and listening to the music makes me wanna dance all night long. I am totally dating myself right? Well I guess the secret is out..I am not 19! lol

This outfit reminds me of Flashdance/Belinda Carlisle (with darker hair) and I am totally loving it!

This outfit (dress) from Morea Style stole my heart as soon as I put it on. The flowing nature of it matched with the shoulder cut is fantastic - definitely a keeper.

Of course, most of you know about the new Saffron Pumps from Lelutka..they are slowing replacing my Verve Pumps from Maitreya. When it comes to pumps, I have been wearing Maitreya Verve Pumps for the past 2 years..not much (in my opinion) has compared. Well..finally a shoe that has met its match. =) Of course, I am not quite ready to give up my Verve Pumps just yet winks*

Sisely is wearing..
Bangles - *Ticky Tack* Hoopty Hoops
[Love Soul] Leg warmers - Fingerless Gloves
Ring - CrystalRose Ring by ::BBD::
[LeLutka] Saffron Pumps
++AY.LinE++ Yuki in Seeweed
Morea Style City *Coralie*
(Royal Blue) Garter Socks
Skin - &Bean Pillow
Props *Elisa* Pose Chair (from moving sale) in Gold & Broccoli - Vinyl Wall Decor
Necklace - Caroline's Satin Ribbon Cameo

Snowstorm Today!

Finally, we got a real snowstorm here in rl, and I couldn't be happier! Yes, it can be tricky driving, and yes, it does take a little longer to get home - but wow, isn't it purtay?

I really do have to mention this ring, although the pic really doesn't do it justice. I came across Sad's Jewells a few days ago, by fluke, and I fell in love with the jewelry. It is a bit on the high end as far as price goes, but seriously, the jewelry is absolutely beautiful and very unique. I did splurge on a few things, including this ring, but I could have easily bought everything in the store!

Another splurge, was this skin by YS&YS. I bought the whole pack of Sharon skins. I was standing in the store trying them on for so long, trying to pick 2 of my favorites, but I just couldn't do it. No matter how long I stood there, I couldn't narrow it down to 2. The lips are just so sweet - I love the coloring and the subtleness of them.

These scarves are perfect for winter, and they fit perfectly. I have found it very difficult to find scarves that don't take away from the outfit, but actually add to it. These are from ::Ume Mode:: and come in a bunch of colors - I just got them in white and black =)

Ok, anyone who knows me in SL, knows I don't really do bags. Mostly because they don't serve much purpose to me - they don't hold my wallet, my lipstick, or my keys, lol. But once in a while, I will come across a bag that is so adorable that I have to post it. =) This one fits the bill. Cute, right? I love the style of it and I just can't deny anything with pom poms on it, lol. This bag was a group gift from iTuTu + KAO back in December (not sure if it is still available).

..with or without bolero..brrrrrrr

Outfit 1 (Sisely)
Boots - BAX Prestige Boots in Black
Stalagmite Ring from Sad's Jewells
Nail Polish by Price Low from XStreet
*KL* Creole Earrings in Silver
*::UM::* Muffler in Black
(Royal Blue) Garter Socks
Dress - AKAIRU by Beauty Avatar (includes belt) Fringerless Gloves in Pink
Hair/Hat - Tiny Bird & Reek - Merritt's Hat (girls)
Jacket - Elspeth cardigan Polka by artilleri
Skin - new skin *Sharon* by YS&YS

Outfit 2 (Sisely)
Luck Inc. Naughty Dress
Hair/Hat - Tiny Bird & Reek - Merritt's Hat (girls)
Luck Inc. Wool Panty
Surf Couture Parker Knit Boots in Pale Blue
Skin - [PF] Skye Fingerless Gloves in Black
::UM:: Muffler in Black
Earrings - Dark Mouse Christmas Cookie Earring (December Group Gift)
Cardigan - Agnetha Snowflake Bolero (advent gift from Ivalde)
Bag - Rabbit fur handbag (group gift for iTuTu + KAO)
Blouse - [Pink] Poppy Sheer Chiffon Blouse