Sunday, October 30, 2011

"D-YO" strikes again..

As many of you know I am a huge fan of Onyxwear. One might say I am biased but in all honesty there aren't many stores in sl who pay as much attention to detail. The textures and the options are amazing. 

OnyxWear new skirts! I am lovin' these skirts, and the good news is there are more colors/patterns to come (very soon)!

Shown here is the black "d-YO" pack that was sent out to bloggers. This includes mesh or prim options on the skirt, plain black, zebra, leopard, and blue, as well as a high cut and low cut waistline.

I am using phoenix viewer so in all the pics shown, I am wearing the prim skirt attachment.

What I am wearing..

:OW: d-yo Black Skirt - new!
Mstyle RIVEA PUmps - Halloween Queen - free! (available on xstreet here)
Skin - Rehab Jovana
Tats - Glue Ink Punked Sleave and Adahlia Leg
Lagyo Headpiece
:OW: Vivid Eyes
LaGyo Noa 3 Stones Rings
Hair - KIK - Fine
Maitreya Bra Top
LaGyo Knots Necklace

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Heads Up..

Day of the Dead Micro-Hunt in ONYXTown!
The hunt runs from Nov. 1st- nov. 8th - don't miss out!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


My LOTD...
New "crotch" pants from Luck Inc. and new Lolita bodysuit from TWhore. So adorable!

What I am wearing (Sisely)..

Hair - Truth
Linc* Drop Crotch Short Femme Pink Leo
Bellballs - crucifix earrings
Skin - Al Vulo Anniversary Gift
[DOCS] 8 Hole Boots from GOS
Tat - Para Designs Punked Black
Hermony Wrist Bands
T.Whore Lolita Bodysuit
Eyes - :OW: Vivid2 Blue


I had my first visit to !Rehab this week and picked up this skin - Kara. The face on this skin is gorgeous, and they do come with cleavage/teeth options which is nice but... I am having a hard time with the body shading. It is just too choppy for me, hence wearing anything revealing isn't really an option. I find that you notice the shading on the chest and butt moreso than the actual clothes, which is never good. But heh, thats just my opinion :)

Shown here...Kara One (Med)..


What I am wearing..
Hair - Lelutka VICTORIA
Skin !R Kara Med
DeetaleZ Tops Sheer Open Back Rose
LaGyo Benoit Headpiece
Mandala Bangles
Kyoot High Wasted Micro Pants
glow studio Noir Memories Earrings
Make Up (eyes) ::ED: exotic eyes

Shown here...Kara Five (Med)..
You can really see the shading on the chest here..and it's such a shame cause I love the red lips and eyes.

What I am wearing..
T.Whore Lolita Bodysuit 
Hair - LOQ Baileys
Belt - :OW: Wide Belt v3
Bangles - Mandala Pearl Rain
Skin - !R Kara
*latte* Fur short jacket (not available at this time)

Song for today..Nero - Promises. Nero is where it's at.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dats My Name..

a quickie tonight..
I haven't had too much time on my hands lately - been closing on a new house in rl. Yay! :)
My LOTD..sporting new hair from Magika and shoes from Flax Pye!

Song for today...Edward Maya - That's My Name - hot tuneeee!

What I am wearing..
Hair - Magika - NEW

:OW: Anti-Arcade Nails
[GENRE] Top Silver Leo (GSP)
Flax Pye Sadowara Animal
SKin - Al Vulo
:OW: Babydoll Volume Lashes
T.Whore Skinny Jeans S&M
Lower tat - Bonvoyage PARANOID
Upper Tat - No Regrets - Glue Ink
Poses synt.
Necklace - Pepper

Friday, October 14, 2011

Crazy Skull Sale!

Starting today! 
3-Day 99L Crazy Skull Sale in ONYXTown! From October 14th through the 16th, ONYX Wear will be having a store-wide sale. Other stores on the sim will also be participating - belleritiS (my shapes store has 3 shapes on for 99L) KIM Bodysuits, EY:NO, LouLou, Pepper, irEn, Insanya, Ducknipple, Wax, KaTatto come check it out! Lots of goodies! 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's all about the eyes!

Newness from OnyxWear!

and featured at GSP these amazing eyelashes for only 99L! Grab 'em before they are gone!

OW has also recently put out 4 gatchas featuring fishnets, mini skirts, graphic tees and bikinis - only 25L to play! Visit the shop to see them all!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Show me you really need me..

Ok, so I am sure this outfit from Sticky Fingers is gonna be all over the blogs, but I had to feature it anyway. It is just WAY too cute! I dunno what it is but there is nothing cuter than a lil' sailor girl :)

Song for today..a little freestyle-ish for ya. Last night @ the club, one of our djs was rawkin the freestyle tunes so it got me in the mood for this one today - Show Me by the Cover Girls - enjoy!

What I am wearing (Sisely)..
[PM] Babt T's 
Outfit (socks + dress + hat) from Sticky Fingers - new!
Toxxic Kitty Allo Sailor Bag
p! Sailor Bitch Necklace
Hair - Lelutka Oscar Braid
Damned KMTD Lipstick + Eyes
Bleeding Rose Tattoo from Drop the Anchor
Skin - Al Vulo

Poses - Just A Pose - Salute The Troops and Magnifique Poses - salute! model poses

..and it feels like jealousy

Hello people!
I just wanted to show you this cute dress from SHUSH at the XY Room...only 75L. There are some other cute things there too, so head down there. also comes with the belt :)

Song for today - one of my fave' gotta have a listen! :) I dunno what it is about this song but I just can't seem to hear it enough.
Will Young - jealousy

What I am wearing (Sisely)..

[S] Fishnet vibrant dress (with belt) - XY Room here
P! Fuck Off Necklace
IMNU Boots - Concrete Flowers
Skin - al vulo
Make Up - Damned (eyes + lips) Tribal
:OW: Wraith Upper Eye Lashes
Miel Troupe Watch
Coloreta's June Gift Cartoon Love Tat
Hair - Lelutka
erratic fishnets wide
Mandala Milky Way Earrings
:OW: Arcade Nails - coming soon
Upper Tat 2 - Glue Ink. No Regrets
Pose by synt.

Disarm yerself..

It's a long weekend here in Canada - Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends! I hope you stuffed yer faces like I did, lol. After drinkin a little too much this weekend, I am feeling it bigtime today. Never again. lolz..ya right :-P LOTD..very casual. I don't wear sneaks so much in sl, partly because it makes me feel even that much shorter, lol. But that said, I am loving this look, sneaks and all! :)

Song for today..
Disarm yourself by Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt. I love all their songs! check it out..

What I am wearing (Sisely)..

Hair - Magika sophie
SHUSH Tank Top blogger
:OW: ANTi-Arcade Nails (coming soon!)
Spirit Store Tatyana Pants
croire lips gloss
Skin - AL Vulo
Upper Tat - only god can judge from Glue Ink
bracelets - MonS and mandala
Rawdolls Pitchbull Hi-cake sneaks
p! Loca Earrings available on marketplace here
BLITZED Legacy belt
Cat Pendant necklace (caroline's)
:OW: Cigarette V2
Poses by synt (tons of cute poses here check it out!)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Imma Believer...

TGIF Everyone!

Song for today..Wynter Gordon - Believer - enjoy!

What I am wearing (Sisely)..
Linc* Chacha Dress
T.Whore Desnudate Skinny Jeans
[e] changes - black pack
CoLoReTa's Fingy Lace Gloves in Black
makeUp - Croire psychedelic palette from TFG
Skin - Al Vulo
Lower Tat - [S]ant and [P]epper Starrry Leopard GSP
CoLoReTa's June Gift Cartoon Love Tattoo
mandala Takara Bangles
Cat Pendant (Caroline's Jewellry)
Mstyle Rivea Pumps
Tee*fy Socks
Puncture Paradox Necklace (back)

The Numbers Game..

Since I have been back, I have been trying to catch up on all the goodies I missed while I was away. Let me tell you that is not an easy task. One thing I did come across was these dresses from Hucci. I absolutely love love them...something I would totally wear in rl :)
Each version of the dresses comes in 8 colors.

Song for today..The Numbers Game by the Thievery Corporation..check it out!

What we are wearing...

Puncture Paradox Necklace
Damned Queen of D BlackBlue Makeup
Hair - Truth
Hucci Ivana Dress in Blue
[glue ink] Karma Tat
Mons Big Silver & Leopard Bangle
Earrings P! Loca
[PM] Fae Wedges
:OW: Anti-flick Nails
Mandala Milky Way Bangle
*linc* Half Stockings
Skin - al vulo Pollon
Love Zombie Lace Gloves
Bubble Leather Collar
Roots 00D10041 under top


[bS] Olivia Shape
:OW: Waist Belt V3
MonS Bracelets Planet
[glow] DeLyn ALLSTARS Earrings
Mandala Nails n Rings
PiCHi Mishka Pumps
LpD Lipstick
Skin - Katsucide Romantica from GSP
Salt & Pepper Soundwaves 2 tat from GSP
Dress - Hucci Floral Pop in Black
Hair - Truth

Monday, October 3, 2011

B4 the night is thru..

I am back! 
RL has kept me off SL for the past few months, wish I could say it was for more positive reasons but unfortunately we aren't always delt the good stuff. That said,  I am excited to start blogging again. There is so much I missed! 
..trying to get into the swing of things again, one day at a time. 
I hope this finds everyone well!

On to the good stuff..

Sharing a tune with ya today, but sorry no video as of yet, since it was just released.
Jesse Boykins III..his music possesses a jazzy and soulful sound reminiscent of early R&B, but his writing is undeniably relevant today.
Love this song...take a listen!

What I am wearing (Sisely)..
[Lelutka] Blythe Hair
DAMNED Kiss me to death Lipstick & Eyes
{CQ} Sweet Dimples Piercing
League Side-gartered Socks Butterfly
[EY:NO} Hawt Panty in Brown
Lashes - Sorry. Asia and OW Ghost Lashes
[MANDALA] Milky Way Choker
[MANDALA] Takara Bangles
fore - Feathers Pierce Earrings
Pepper Granny Ring
:OW: Anti-FLick Nails (basic)
Primitive Design Skull Belt
TokiD Funk Bow
Maitreya Shearling Boots
Skin - Al Vulo Lalli
Upper Tat - Soundwaves Salt and Pepper GSP
T.Whore Schlampe Dress