Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ma Bish is backkkkkkkkkkk!

Ohhh ya, the bish is back :) My hooka is back on sl, and I have missed her so much! I dunno if I can convince her to posts with me, but I hope I can snag her for some pics once in a while :)
We all need a break from sl sometimes, but its so nice when friends return. We have been in touch out of sl over the months but sl has not been the same without her sexy ass. (shown here, lolsss)

Song for today! One of D's fave tunes right now..BLOW!

What we are wearing...

On Delia..
Skin JeSyLiLO (yummy)
Boots - Bax
Hair Truth
Elf Lashes Mstyle
Nails & Rings P! (coming soon!)
Skirt & Top Luck Inc.
Bubblegum PinkFuel

On Me..
Cynful Modest Capris - black ripped
Pepper Belt (color change)
Shoes - N-Core (free gift in store)
Bangles - Shade Throne and MonS
Tat - actchio
Top - Fuk n' Hawt
hair - Exile (new)
Skin - Lara
Lipstick MyNerva
Nails & Rings - :OW: Anti-Flick (Basic)
Bubblegum PinkFuel

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