Sunday, May 15, 2011

Do it in the AM....

The Whore Mansion has so many cutie lingerie pieces and what I love is that they are so easy to mix n' match. Buy a few and you can mix 'em up so easily! I think I have pretty much everything in the store (shakes head) but they are all yummy! My only complaint is skirts and dresses - please make them with undies! I can't count how many times I was out and about or dancing and realised my coochie was hanging out, lolss. I didn't get any complaints, but dam was my face red!
 This bunny - adorable - one of my fave little buddies :) It is from the "bunny buddy" set from {Just a Pose} and comes with bunny and poses! I picked it up when it was at a special price, so not sure how much it is now. I found these socks at *Just Me*, fell in love and bought the pack. Each pack comes with 4 color sets, and well worth it. Too cute, right?

Song for today...We Only Do it in the AM..Frankmusik feat. Far East tune.

What I am wearing (Sisely)..
Finesmith Jewelry Prisma Earring
skin - lara
Fusion Feathered Charm Bracelet
:OW: double-Flick Nails from marketplace here
Hair - Truth Priscilla (streaked)
Just Me Socks Souky
Sleeve Tat - YaYo - Cuteness
Upper Tat (neck) Dream tat from YaYo
Mandala 7Luck Bracelet
{Just a Pose} Bunny Buddy (comes with bunny and poses - so cute!)
T.Whore Bra Top Glamour String Blue
T.Whore Burlesque Skirt in White

T.Whore - Delice Colors Lingerie in my sky  (bra)
T.Whore - Shitty Pant Disturbia

T.Whore Bra Top Otre
T.Whore - Delice Colors Lingerie in my sky (undies)

T.Whore - Neglige Intimate Blos

Glitterati Bed (with poses)
Bunny Buddy Poses from {Just a Pose}

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