Thursday, April 28, 2011

Be Without..

Happy Easter (belated as this post is a bit ummm behind) to everyone!
Sorry, its been longer than I expected for a post..long weekends tend to make posting impossible for me. I have been so busy in sl and I been kinda slackin' lately, but with good reason *winks*
New hair (to me) from Action..lovin' the feathers (color change, of course)..and the "poof" is hot. 

slowin' it down a bit today..the mix of this song is so hottt, but I couldn't find it on you tube - sowwy! Mary J. Blige - awesomeness!I totally want her hair in this video for sl, lols. :)

What I am wearing..(Sisely)

:OW: Anti-Flick Nails found here
*BLITZED* Legacy Belt
*Linc* Half Fishnet Stockings
[glow] bitterness earrings (previous TDR)
The Abyss NAU Combat Boots
Skin - Lara
Wicked Tat
Sleeve Tat - LadyCat from GoK
[bubble] leopard collar
mini skirt - N1CO
7Luck Bracalet - Mandala
Hair - Action
net tanktop - DeeTaleZ

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Big City Life...

random look for today..


Big City Life by Mattafix, a duo from the UK, love these guys..addicted to the beat ;)

What I am wearing..
Shape - belleritiS (new! Olivia)
[CIA] Sparrow Tea Dress (DSM HUNT ITEM) (you might have to take a seat to find it..)
PARADISIS Bad Trip Gloves
:OW: Waist-Hi Belt V3
[glow] earrings Fona
lilies - teensy clutter necklace (gift)
[Anaphora] NIkole Hair - previous TFG
Skin - Admiral Spicy!
Pumps - PiCHi - Mishka - Yellow Stripes
LpD Summer Girl Bag - free! (other gifts here too, lipstick makeup tats..)
In some pics..admiral spicy Hawteh top (undershirt)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Rolling in the deep..

New stuff from Admiral Spicy..
I love this little store..and always look forward to when new stuff is released..
Today, I am wearing Admiral Spicy skin called Emma (reasonably priced at 799 for 5 makeups with cleavage or no cleavage versions), the new Strap It dress (as shirt) and the Hawteh Top underneath. For some reason, I am totally into fishnet these days..

My jeans are the signature jeans from (love) and I love all the colors - shown here is coal wash!

Some Adele today..Rolling in the her voice - enjoy!

What I am wearing..
Skin - Admiral Spicy! Emma
Admiral Spicy! Strap It!
Admiral Spicy Hawteh Top
Gloves - PARADISIS (from Bad Trip)
Tats - YaYo Heart Tat and MonS Tattoo Whum (group gift)
Belt - Spiked Black from Poison
Purple Bag - 1L from Poison
Jeans - Signature Denim from (love)
Hair Dernier Cri - Taylor

Friday, April 15, 2011

Meet Olivia..

Well, I have been working on releasing some new shapes, and this is the first one of the new series. 

Meet Olivia..for al vulo skin..

Olivia includes 2 sizes - tall & petite, and style card. Come try out a demo in my shop - ride is here..

Any questions, please send me a nc or message me in-world - thanks! ;)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ready to start..

I wanted to blog my own look with the Anti-Flick nails from OnyxWear, just released yesterday!

Song for today by Arcade Fire, a Canadian band based out of Montreal, who as a matter of fact rocked the Junos this year - woot. Check it out!

What I am wearing..

*sheer* Torn Nylons in black
:OW: Anti-Flick Nails from marketplace here
:OW: Strapless Night Dress
ee. noir Harvana Smoke (tear) eye makeup
p! Loca Earring
The Abyss NAU Combat Boots
lara Skin
SU! Electra Tattoo Face
LiQSuM Fresh Dealth Tattoo from marketplace here
mandala 7luck bracelet
hair - truth Sylvia
Shade Throne Rosario Necklace in blood
Roots corset ooc1oo3o

Poses by Glitterati - Jewellry Set


New from OnyxWear.."Anti-Flick" Nails & Rings

..custom sculpted nails with black pattern and white tips, detailed rings and jewelry! Available in 3 hand sizes with convenient (tintable) gloves for a wide variety of skins! They can be purchased on marketplace here, or try a demo in the store. The detailing on these rings is amazing - check it out.

For a limited time the nails (without rings) are being offered as a gift in the group! Be sure to join here.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Putting on the ritz...

OK today I have a bunch of yummies to gifts and TDR Stoofs..

Pose with fellow blogger and friend, Codex. Pose by doll  - Holding on..(sale only 25L) Check out his blog CodeBlue4SL and what he is wearing here! Thanks Code!

Song for today...sending this out to will know who you are :)
Putting on the ritz cover by Shiny Toy official video but this one works for me..enjoy!

What I am wearing..

[ glow ] luxury earring silver (TDR 27)
Paper.doll Ashlee VIP Gift (200L to join)
MonS Planet Bracalets
front bow from Debbie Dress above
HOX Smoking Gun Eye makeup (House of Fox)
:OW: Waist-Hi Belt V3

[SHADE THRONE] KIM Bracelet (new gorup gift out today)
HOX M&MH Mini Dress
N-Core SENSE XtremeHell - group gift (with dark stocking option)

[ glow ] luxury earring gold (TDR 27)
[SHADE THRONE] The Hak Bracalet - group gift in store (tons of other gifts too, and a new studded bracalet gift just came out today!)
[ glow ] He is Mine Necklace (previous TDR)
MonS Ring Mars - gift at Fashion House (not sure if still available)
N-Core SENSE XtremeHell - group gift (with fishet option)
Exile Lashes
[mockCosmetics] back to basics eyeshadow
*crazy* Debbie Dress - TFG
skin - al vulo renzie - April Group Gift
Hair Kletva - Keo TDRB

Poses doll and Nox
Fyi...there is a sale going on right now at doll - so be sure to check it out! Single poses 2L-5L, packs 50L and couple poses 25L - awesome sale!

..any questions or comments, please feel free to IM me in world! Thanks! :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


another is slammin for me lately! After all this time, I should be able to pop out posts from my arse by now, lol. Unfortunately, I do like to take my time..which means not as many posts as usual lately.

Hope you enjoy!

Song for tune..Coastin' by a hip hop duo from Cali - Zion I..

What I am wearing..

Skin - Lara (new)
:OW: Double Flick Nails from marketplace here
Fuk'N'HawT Fishnet Skirt
Style X Hoodie from Light BLue Pants Outfit NR. 130
Maitreya Old Leather Belt
P! Loca Earrings
Garage Makeup
Wicked Tattoos
bubble Collar
Hair - *HS* RIRI (be sure to hit up the lucky boards while u are here..some real cute styles!)
Pig Duotone Mit Suspenders
*blowpop* Fishnets
Eyecorner Studs from Skream! (no longer available)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Glory Box..

..keeping it short n' sweet today as I am a bit out of it, lol. Yes, I mean more than usual..pffft.
Late nights, early mornings..and hella busy in between..not a great combination ;) Time for another rl "coma" I think..lols.
Ok, on to the good stuff...smexy goodies..

Song for today..Portishead - GloryBox..not the sexiest video but I think this tune is hella close your eyes and listen for yourself :)

What I am wearing (Sisely)..
FuK'N'Hawt - Nice Belt Skirt in Leopard found here
Roots stockings 00L1001.S Den
::DT::MakeUp Eyeliner Thick
:OW: Double-Flick Nails (gah I never take these off - love 'em!) from here
League Duct Tape Pasties (underwear layer)
hair - Truth
Samsara - Florita Bracelet
P! Loca Earrings
:EC: Strip Pasties Latex
Skin Curio *pout*
[bubble] leopard collar found here (other colors/textures available too)
SU! Summer Color Top
Shoes - Maitreya Gold Foxy Black
Mandala 7luck Bracelet
Wicked tattoos - Destiny

Poses by Glitterati and VPoses

Sunday, April 3, 2011

a perfect gentleman?

Me as the
We had a pimps n' hoes event at Club Onyx this week and this was my look. My ho name was Fine Ass McGlide...nice right? lol. It is always fun to bring out the hooch in ourselves once in a while :) I tried to keep my look somewhat classy but hella sexy..check it out!

Song for today..Wyclef - Perfect Gentleman. Wyclef is up there as one of my favs - there is not one song I don't love (or have in my playlist). I felt this post was the perfect excuse to include this song..enjoy!

Wyclef Jean - Perfect Gentleman by paleopale

What I am wearing..
FuK'N'HawT - Corset Top Fishnet
:OW: Gracie Skirt Dark Zebra - marketplace here
:OW: Double-Flick B&W Rings Nails - marketplace here
Senjyu Earrings by Mandala
Bracelet Bry Gold from RYCA
Bax Prestige Boots Gold
Wicked Tattoos - Destiny
[love zombie] Armed and Ready Tat
Skin - Lara
(NO) Supa Dupa Frames in black
Hair - Mirai Style Jule
[bS] Shape Halifax

Poses by Glitterati, xbordeaux and Nox.

Club Onyx is an awesome club in sl - be sure to check it out. Events daily @ 7-9 and 9-11pm slt. It is located at the Onyx Mall - home of Onyx Wear and many other great stores!

Friday, April 1, 2011

..join the party!

Happy April Fools Day!
I had a couple jokes played on me this morning - no shocker considering how gullable I am, lol. I think I might extend the hours, and do something tonight..hmmm :)

The little black dress...a necessity in every closet - rl or sl.
This dress from OnyxWear (store on marketplace) definitely foots the bill. It is simple yet elegant and sexy..and is a perfect match for any look. It is found here on Marketplace.

This darling make up is from Pididdle..Incognito Eyes in Teal (so vivid), matched with new Senjyu earrings from Mandala (love the color combination in these ones), Maitreya Moxie Heels, and Hucci Clutch.

killer eyes in my opinion...

Song for today...Madonna - Celebration..hey, it's Friday - let's celebrate!

What I am wearing..

Lara Skin - Leah
:OW: Little Black Dress - Marketplace here
:OW: Double-Flick Nails - Marketplace here
Maitreya Gold Moxie - Red Patent
[ bubble] Teal Checkers Collar
Hucci Clutch - Snakeskin Blue
Wicked Tattoos Destiny's Tat
Hair - Truth Carina (new!)
DeLa - Bangle Bellini
Mandala SenJyu Earrings - Marketplace here
Pididdle - eyemakeup Incognito Teal from Kozmetika
[bS] Shape Halifax