Thursday, February 25, 2010

Past Collections into the Future..

Happy Thursday everyone!

The song for this post is Glory Box by Portishead - love the beats and the smooth rhythm of the music.

I am in somewhat of a nostalgic period of my sl lately. I have been searching for items I used to have, and pulling out some of my old favorites. In case you don't know, I returned to sl in December after a 6 month hiatus to find my inventory completely wiped out. Of course I was disappointed at the reality of losing so much inventory - I mean I spent a fortune in clothing, furniture, stuff for my land, etc. But I have to say, the hardest part for me is losing things that I loved and wore often but just can't seem to find or replace now. Either the store is out of business, or I can't remember the name of the item or where it was from for the life of me. Six months is a long time to be gone and be able to remember details of a specific tattoo, necklace or top I loved. So basically, I go on these 2 day rampages where I try to locate some of my favorite things - usually stemmed from me remember something I lost.

Lately, I have been searching Xstreet for outfits from previous Paper Couture Collections. I am so pleased that these items are still available. Also, have been requesting a resend from items I purchased at shoparmidi. How wonderful is it that I can have any item I purchased in the past resent (3 items at a time I think).

That said..both of these outfits are inspired by Paper Couture - bringing past collections into the future.

Hair from Nikita..lots of fantasy hair in this store - not normally my style but these two went perfectly with my look for these pics. The hair is made beautifully and movement in flexi is amazing - just standing still and the hair moves as if it is blowing in the wind - I love it.

I have to mention this sim where the pics are taken..I actually saw it on a post this morning and went to check it out. I immediately knew my next post was going to be photographed there. If you put on the music, it really comes to life.

What I am wearing (Sisely)...

Outfit 1
Healing Giraffe Bangle from Armidi
p.c: romantic soliloquy (jacket and hoop skirt)
p.c; faceted diamond arrangement (earrings and necklace)
Hair - Nikita
Red Python pants from (Red Zora Outfit from the future is now event)
Baiastice Destructural Boots (from the future is now event)
Ibizarre Nails
mijn.t Vaudeville je t'aime corset
sheer leggins zebra
lara skin smokey
eyelashes cake
[bubble] face tat
armidi healing tiger bangle - fire
p.c; water over wine ring

p.c; Snowdrift Suit (pants and jacket)

p.c; faceted diamond arrangement (earrings and necklace)
Hair - Nikita
Lara Skin
Shade Throne Bangles
O! Bleak Gaga Black Snake Heel
Ibizarre Nails
[bubble] face tat Wide Waist Belt

add full soliloquay outfit plus snakeskin bangles from armidi

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mix n' Match

This is kind of a mixed up post..some new stuff from INDI, Pink Inc., Crazy and KHUSH.

Two songs for today...Neko Case - People Got A Lot Of Nerve...she has such a beautiful rare voice..almost kinda similar to Natalie Merchant, I think.

and..Justin Nozuka - Criminal (can't get this tune outta my head, lol)

..not too much time for chatter today..but wanted to share these looks with ya..been wearing them for the past couple days and have had some people ask me where they are cheers!

All these pics are taken on the new Creamshop Sim - Rainytown. These pics are taken underground near the landing point, but be sure to check out the rest of the sim, cause its way cool.

All my hair in these pics is from .:Ari:. - it kinda fits my mood lately, and I have become a bit addicted to hair these past few weeks. I have a friend who IMs me when she is looking for a particular style..and if anything it has added to my addicition, cause when I am scoping for her, I end up finding myself so many new styles!

KHUSH has some wicked stuff out right now..
Make sure you grab the humpday special jeans - on for 75L today only! (seen in pic 1, 2, and 5) They are great worn as jeans, but also as an under layer for skirts. These blah tops are adorable too - shown here are aah! and yo Dj.

Crazy has always been one of my favorite shops..and she tends to come out with new stuff quite often, which always excites me :) Shown here in pics 5&6 are the jam skirts - gray and tiguer, but there are like 5 of them in the pack. There are also some new tops out, so be sure to check them out too!

What I am wearing (Sisely)..

Outfit 1
Calypso Classic Denim Mini
Chunk Boots from Shiny Things
Skream - eye studs
!Nayar Drawstring Tank
:Hermony: Leather Jacket
Skream - naval piercing
Hair - .:Ari:.
Jeans - KHUSH - Humpday Fun! (worn as tights under skirt)
Earrings - P! Twitch Earrings (new!)
Skin - Lara
Upper Tat - Canimal
INDI - Gloves from outfit

Outfit 2
INDI - Lombardi Booties
Skream - eye studs
!Nayar Drawstring Tank
:Hermony: Leather Jacket
Skream - naval piercing
Hair - .:Ari:.
Jeans - KHUSH - Humpday Fun!
Waist Tat - KHUSH Lyrical Fun Tatts
Earrings - P! Twitch Earrings (new!)
Skin - Lara
Upper Tat - Canimal
INDI - Gloves from outfit

Outfit 3 (pics 3 & 4 both tops from KHUSH)
KHUSH Ripped Jeans - sequins
Skream - eye studs
Hair - .:Ari:.
INDI - Gloves from outfit
:Hermony: Leather Jacket
Skin - Lara
A&A Love me true tattoo (from Starlust Vday Hunt)
Shirt - KHUSH Blah - aah! and Yo Dj shirt
Earrings - P! Twitch Earrings (new!)
INDI - Lombardi Booties

Outfit 4
!Nayar - Gray Sequin Layer
*Crazy* Jam Skirt in Gray
Earrings - P! Twitch Earrings (new!)
INDI - Lombardi Booties
Jeans - KHUSH - Humpday Fun! (worn as tights under skirt)
Skream - eye studs
Hair - .:Ari:.
INDI - Gloves from outfit
Skin - Lara
p! Gody Girl! Bangle (new!)
*Crazy* Road Tat from Road Outfit

Outfit 5
:Hermony: Leather Jacket
INDI - Arm Bracelets (Briana Outfit)
INDI - Belt (Freya Outfit)
*Crazy* Jam Skirt Tiguer
Earrings - Pink Inc Twitch Earrings (new!)
INDI - Lombardi Booties (studded)
Skream - eye studs
Hair - .:Ari:.
INDI - Gloves from outfit
Skin - Lara
*Sheer* Tights
Alpestyle Tat
INDI Gloves

Monday, February 22, 2010

On The Runway..

Mutual Friend by The Divine Comedy..sorry couldn't find a better video for this tune..

New from *LP* Designs..

New from Apple May...

Mash Up..

What I am wearing (Sisely)..

Outfit 1
Verve Pumps - Maitreya
[woo's] Bratty Pack Bead Strand Necklace 1
Hair - Magika
*LP*Designs Kisya Outfit in pink
Emery - Belt Pyramid Black
{SMS} Pearl Necklace Black
mps! Armwarmers and nails in black
Skin - Belleza
Sheer Tights - Zebra (free in store)
*LP* Designs - Bodysuit with Jacket

Outfit 2
Verve Pumps - Maitreya
[woo's] Bratty Pack Bead Strand Necklace 2&3
Denim Jumpsuit - Kayj from Apple May Designs
Hair - Magika
Emery - belt Pyramid Black Elastic
[Mandala] Takara Bangle
{SMS} Pearl Necklace Red
mps! Armwarmers and nails in black
Skin - Belleza
dotline tights from ::humming::

Oufit 3
Verve Pumps - Maitreya
Hair - Magika
mps! Armwarmers and nails in black
Skin - Belleza
Khush - Tights Black with seam (gift from xmas)
*Crazy* Bird Blue Top
P.C; Faceted Black Diamond Necklace and Earrings from Xstreet here - Wide Waist Belt
Tiered Flexi Dress (skirt parts)

Outfit 4
Verve Pumps - Maitreya in Red
Khush - Black Tights with seam
*Sissi* Yummeh PearlS
{sms} Feather skirt (red/beige)
{sms} Glitter Baggy Top (undertop)
{sms} Leather Shrug
Magika Hair
RYCA - LN Platinum Earrings
Skin - Belleza

Friday, February 19, 2010

New Stuff at League..

Ok..into League - ess!

I changed the settings on the playlist for the can still play the music when you want to hear it, but it will not play automatically...just scroll to the very bottom and press play.

There is a reason for this..I will be adding (from time to time) songs with my posts. This will make it easier for you so you don't have to stop the playlist yourself before playing the video :D

For today..loving this tune..hope you enjoy it. It's called, Horchata by Vampire Weekend. This video is helpful if u don't know the words, lol.

All these pics are taken using the Lithium Photo gift in-store. There are 4 poses included..I used two and then incorporated some of my own poses. Make sure you grab it before it is gone..

League has some awesome releases out..the sports socks are from 50L Fridays today...the combat shorts are a new release as of yesterday and the I am lovin' these combat boots. Shown here are the combat shorts in blue..but there is also grey, green, brown and purple. The belt is included and conveniently comes with different sizes for varying hip widths. I paired it with the Sheer Tank in navy from Armidi (I love these tanks..have had them for ages, and still wear them a lot).

These boots..
If you follow my blog, you know that I usually only wear one pair of "casual" boots - they are the Chunk Boots from Shiny Things. I have yet to find a pair that I like as much..until today. I love these combat boots, and given how picky I am - that says a lot. Not only do I like the fit, and the look of the boots..I love all the color options. You can change the laces, the sides, the toe, the sole, and the heel. Show here, are just a few options. Just click on the boot for the drop down menu for adjusting size or appearance.

This is the same outfit, but I replaced the shirt with the Handprint Tee from League in White. This also comes in brown, and cream.
I recently came across this hair at Little Britain, and have been addicted to it. Shown here is blonde with black streaks, but I also purchased the black with red and blonde streaks :) oh - and the hat is colour change too - sweet right? :)

What I am wearing (Sisely)..

Armidi Sheer Tank in Navy
Pamber's Lip Ring - gift from a friend of mine who recently left sl :(
League sport socks - 50L Fridays
League Combat Boots
PopFuzz - Armband Tat
[skream] studs on eyes
Bangles - Shade Throne
Fame Necklace - pink !nc.
(NSD) Rock n Rolla Guitar Chain

Second Outfit - add League Handprint Tee

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Some goodies from the Stumblebum Bricade this weekend..

..loving this top from Tres sweet! It comes with the sunglasses, top and wristlet. What a cute combo! This V-day donut in my mouth is a subscribo gift that was sent out this morning by KUE - love it.

This the stumblebum outfit/bodysuit from Pig called Darling Baby Seal. it comes with sheer and opaque versions of the bodysuit - shown here is the opaque version. I added the belt from Fishy Strawberry and in my mouth is a gift from Nuts. It the second pic, I am wearing the sunglasses from djinn & tonic - only 50L for vday.

What I am wearing (Sisely)..

Pic 1 & 2
-tb- Valentine's Day Outfit (Stumblebum brigade)
includes top (with belt and undershirt), vintage wristlet, Ma Cheri Sunglasses
Hair - !lamb oh sugar
Saffron Pumps from Lelutka
Pants - Hucci Klymaxx (pants from outfit)
in mouth - [KUE!] Cruller Valentine (group gift sent this morning)
Skin - !Imabee: Lucy
BBD - Rose Ring
[shade throne] bangles
$GaNKeD$ Relove Necklace

Pic 3

Outfit - Pig Darling Baby Seal (stumblebum brigade)
Saffron Pumps from Lelutka
Hair - !lamb oh sugar
Skin - !imabee: Lucy
BBD - Rose Ring
[shade throne] bangles
in mouth - nuts Vday Gifty (in store for 0L)

Friday, February 12, 2010

More V-day...Part 3 I guess? xD

I am seriously dumbfounded (and excited too) about how much amazing V-day stuff is out there right now. I had planned on doing 2 parts to my Valentine's post...but there is so much more that needs to be mentioned.

I did the Starlust Valentine's Hunt what a feat..but so well worth it. Once you are finished there is literally 60+ gifts, probably more - such generosity is overwhelming! xD You get your HUD from the lobby and you are on your way. Put your thinking cap on cause you are gonna need all your brainpower!

I really splurged this week on the newest Curio skin called Cupid and Cupid2. I bought both fatpacks, and I have no regrets! My favorite ones right now are lovelorn and of course the Valentine skins with hearts - so cute! The valentine eyes are *by Snow* 1L found on XStreet here..really sweet eyes.

Another favorite of mine right now is this hair Sofie called from IrEn. I also bought the Sofie2 pack, which is very similar but with more volume and different bangs. The hearts in the background are from Scribble..they are having a 60L sale on all red items in store, so check that out before it over!

..yummy dress from Elate! This is a group gift at the HoPo location and it is out front at the shop. I also discovered this shop this week called TUFT and found this mouth plate. It comes in a pack of 6, including kisses, kiss me, be mine, forever, I love you and marry me for 25L. I am a big fan of stuff in the mouth (ummm let me rephrase)..I have been into buying little trinkets and such for my mouth, lol. Not sure if there is a better way to say that, but hopefully you know what I mean. winks* Delia has really started this trend for me, and as always she finds new ways for me to spend money buying things for myself, lol. There is another place to check out to, if you are into "mouth stuff", called Somethin' In Your Mouth. They have tons and tons of awesome stuff just for that purpose - it's great.

More mouth stuff..this rose, called crying rose, from Kosh is so pretty and dainty..and is available in lots of colours. This one is ice, which I thought was a little different than the normal red and pink roses typical of V-day. I want to mention this skin...a Valentine's VIP group gift (250L to join) from PXL. It is quite the includes 3 poses, cupid bow, wings, quiver, and of course the skin (body tattoo included on skin).

Onyx Wear (OW) released lingerie just in time for Valentine's. Not surprisingly, the sets are classic, yet smexy. They come in 3 colors - pink, black and red (not shown).

The bouquet of flowers is one of the MANY gifts from the Starlust Hunt, and to be perfectly honest, I haven't had the time to peek at all of them.
I am loving this hair, Oh Sugar which I just got this morning from !lamb for 50L fridays - what a deal! There are two blondes available for 50L - this one is powder. They have very realistic dark roots for those who didn't quite make it to the salon, lol.

Heart Leggins...yummmm..these knit leggins from OW are so hawt. The color is amazing - so vivid, and it has mini hearts all over it - just perfect. :D

What I am wearing (Sisely)

In first 4 Pics..
Scribble Flying Things (60L sale)
Tree - from Xstreet here (0L) There is also a skybox for 150L..very cute..
Hair - Iren
*By Snow* - Valentine Eyes 2010 (from Xstreet here)
n*l Heart Ring (hunt at paper.doll - from previous post)

1. T-Junction - Valentine Loungewear (from XStreet here)
Skin - Curio Cupid2
LaceMe Armwarmers - Red from MPS!
MPS! Heart Tattoo
Necklace - Valentine 2010 Just Imagine for girl (from Xstreet here)
Nohm nohm heart freebie (from xstreet here)

2. MPS! Valentines Free Gift Undies - girl
Necklace - Valentine 2010 Just Imagine for girl (from Xstreet here)
Nohm nohm heart freebie (from xstreet here)

3. TUFT Kiss me Mouth Plate - Somethin' In Your Mouth
Elate! Sam Valentine's Dress
Skin - Curio Cupid
Necklace - Valentine 2010 Just Imagine for girl (from Xstreet here) There is a guys and girls necklace included and its free!

4. Eclipse - Halter Mini Dress -Vday Special for 30L
KOSH - Crying Rose in Ice
Skin - [pxl] July SK S.Valentine 2010
Necklace - Sad* Bow Necklace

Onyx Wear (OW)

In all pics..
Skin - Curio
Tattoo - mps! Heart Tattoo
Hair - !lamb - Oh Sugar (50L Fridays)

OW - Pink Stripe Corset and Panties
TOSL Bouquet (Starlust Hunt Gift)

OW - Black Stripe Corset and Panties

OW Knit Leggings Purple Heart
Ticky Tack The Key To My Heart (in mouth)
Armidi - Sheer Tank Top from

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

V-Day Part 2!

On to Part 2...(sorry if I missed something in this one...these 2 posts took me a while and I am now starting to see double lol)

I just want to mention for those of you who haven't been to the Valentine's Bazaar yet, make sure you check it out before it is gone. Everything is 50L, and there are some really cute things including skins, shoes, poses and clothing.

1. (Nushru) - Wayward Heart hair and dress - both for 50L found at the Valentine's Bazaar. There are also shoes here, but I decided to use my own shoes for the post.
The hair bun in the shape of a heart is so unique and I love it. It also comes with the red heart on the side, which is very cute. The color and texture of this dress are amazing.

In the following pics, I have a candy heart in my mouth from House on Fire. I actually purchased it from Xstreet for something like 10L (look here). It includes a color change and message change menu. This one says sweet, but you can't see it very well. Other options include kiss me, eat me, be mine, etc.

This is the Heart Pose from Trizzy's Shop, also found at the Valentine's Bazaar. I am using my own pose here, but it includes a sitting pose on top of the big heart. It actually didn't work that well for me given I am wearing a dress, hehe.

2. Duboo & ArtDummy! - These are the you are my honey undies from Duboo, also adorable, and love the colour. I am holding the Be Mine Valentine Heart and using the pose from Art Dummy! "Be Mine" Set found here. It actually comes with an actually dummy holding a heart, very cute. As well, there is the option of holding a string of hearts instead of a single heart. This is not free, but definitely packed with fun posing stuff.

3. Virtual Insanity & Duboo - Virtual Insanity has these pasties as a gift in-store atm. They come in a pack with black, red and pink on all layers. Shown here are the pink version.
Duboo has an assortment of "you are my"undies from a pay vendor - 15L and you can get an assortment of adorable undies. Shown here are the you are my love undies, with LOVE spelled out across the cute :)

4. Izzie's Fashions - This is the second set of lingerie in the pack from Part 1 of my V-day posts. This one is the big hearts set - such a nice hue of pink. I am also wearing a tattoo from one of my favorite stores - mps! The pose I am using is the broken hearted girl prop from Retro Poses found at the Valentine's Bazaar. It also includes the pose I am using - so cute ;)

5. Luck Inc. and Dilly Dolls - This dress is up at the Link Mainstore for 50L and the skin is a freebie from Dilly Dolls, so perfect for V-day.

6. RoTtEn DeFiAnCe - There is a hunt going on at this store..some gifts for the guys, and some for the guys. You are looking for skulls, so be sure to get over there before it is over. This is just one of the hunt items. I included the stockings from another hunt item here. The hair is a gift from Posh, and it comes in a pack with 4 other hairs. The tiara is a gift from Sn@tch.

7. Miu & Trubble - I just have to mention this pretzel set from Miu. How cute is the pretzel and the back in my right hand...mmm makes me want some, lol. They look good enough to eat! ;P

8. Love, Ashley - This lingerie is a hunt item from That's Amore Grid Wide Hunt. I will give you a hint..its near something pink and pretty smelling winks*

9. Nyte'n'Day - This is a new release (not free) but I saw and knew I had to get it. The colors are so vivid, and the style is a bit different from the usual mini dresses. This hair is another one from Vanity Hair. Yes, it is a bit poofy, but it is unique and I love how the Truth Kylei bow sits so nicely on it ;) It kind of reminds me of a little doll.

10. Cutie Honey - now this is a cute little sim :) You can grab a firefly pack that comes with a ent and animation and walk around the sim and catch fireflies. When you catch something, you accept the gift into you inventory. What a neat and fun thing to do. I spent about a half hour there the other day, and caught myself a bunch of awesome little gifts! Honestly, I am not sure if I got this dress at the camp or on the lucky chair..

11. More Nyte'n'Day - This one is a group gift in store, so join the group and touch the sign at the front near the new releases. :) It will definitely get some hearts racing!

What I am wearing (Sisely)..

1. (Nushru) Wayward Heart Dress (Valentine's Bazaar)
Juliette Love Tan Skin from CandyDoll (Valentine's Bazaar)
Hair - (Nushru) Hair Wayward Heart (Valentine's Bazaar)
Stockings from Love, Ashley (from hunt gift in #8)
~RU~ Heart Necklace
Trixxy's Shop Heart Pose (Valentine's Bazaar)
Candy Heart for mouth from House on Fire from Xstreet here
Background textures from Made by Moo

2. Duboo you are my Yummy panties (not sure if they are available since they moved to cheesecake)
Glitterati Fence (I (heart) orginals fair)
Hair - !VA! Sunday kind of hair love
Belleza Skin
Be Mine pose with heart from Art Dummy! found here

3. Virtual Insanity Valentine's Pasties (from Heart & Soul Sim Hunt)
Duboo you are my love undies
!VA! Sunday kind of love
MPS! Hearts Tattoo
Saffron Pumps in Pink from Lelutka
Skin - Belleza

4. Izzie's Bra and Panties (big hearts)
Belleza Skin
MPS! Hearts Tattoo
VA! Sunday kind of hair love

5. Tat - Pididdle - Remember that I love you
!VA! Kajun Moon in Fucsia (January Releases - gift in-store)
Linc* Tankdress Valentine Version (50L in-store)
Skin - *DD* Sweet Valentines (Freebie Gift in-store)

6. Juliette Love Tan Skin from CandyDoll (Valentine's Bazaar)
~RU~ Heart Necklace
Hair - (Posh) Vday - Pink Passion - freebie at HoPo Location here
Sn@tch Pretty Princess Tiara
[*RD*] Valentines Mini Dress (Skulls Hunt in-store)
[*RD*] Baby DOll Stocking (from other hunt outfit)

7. Trubble Hearts 2010 Cami Shirt (1L in store)
Juliette Low Tan by CandyDoll (Valentine's Bazaar)
*Miu* Pretzel (CHH hunt) Bag and Pretzel (gift 2 of 2)
Hair - (Nushru) Hair Wayward Heart (Valentine's Bazaar)
~RU~ Heart Necklace

8. That's Amore Hunt - Love, Ashley
Satin and Lace Pink Bra, Panties, Garter and Stockings Set
n*l Heart Ringm (14L each set in the store hunt)
n*l all you need is love necklace
Skin - Belleza
Hair - !VA! Sunday kind of love

9. Nyte'n'Day - Dyadic Pink/Red (new item - not free)
PIDIDDLE Remember that I love you Tattoo
Truth Kylie Bow
!VA! Noir Hair
skye - girly skin from PF (Valentine's Bazaar)
Photable by Modd (orginals fair)

10. PIDIDDLE Remember that I love you Tattoo (not sure if still available)
Truth Kylie Bow (from December)
!VA! Noir Hair
Cutie Honey Valentine Dress Set
skye - girly skin from PF (Valentine's Bazaar)
Photable by Modd (orginals fair)
Love and Heart Body attachments from Cutie Honey Outfit

11. Nyte'n'Day - Valentine's Lingerie 2010 Bra and Undies (gift in-store)
Curio - Elf Skin (xmas gift)
AQUA - Heart&Rose Tattoo
Hair - Truth
Saffron Pumps from Lelutka in bright red
Pose and Sofa -Lips Sofa from the Pinky Boo Shop (not free)

Happy Valentine's Day!

There is so much adorable, fun and smexy stuff out there to celebrate V-day! Being a huge pink and red fan...V-day is so exciting for me. I just wanted to send out a BIG thank you to all the creators for spending their time to create such amazing things for us! xD
All pics are taken on the Romantic Hangout by MB-CreationZ. I absolutely love this. The mix of heart balloons, the ground flowers and heart poofer is so festive for V-day, and so pretty. It really puts me in a romantic mood :) I used most of my own poses from mPS! and [LAP], but it also has 2 cushions with sitting poses - great for romantic moments for two winks*

I really want to comment on this hair from !VA!. I love the heart in the front, the color packs, and the style. Vanity Hair has a lot of high fashion hair, very haute couture more suited to the runway, etc., but I find this hair is very versatile, and perfectly suited for Valentine's. When I bought it, I had no intention of using it for this purpose, but I had a hard time finding a hair that I loved as much for this post.

Most of my jewelry is from the hunt at the new paper.doll/noir*lily mainstore. Each box is only 14L each, and well worth it! The jewelry is from the boxes upstairs here. They are all pretty and very sweet.

So this is the first of 2 parts that I will be posting for Valentine's Day. There is a lot to cover so let's get started!

1. Vita's Boudoir - There are also a beautiful new release in store called Magnolia (also in pink) so check that out while you are there.

2. Mayden Couture - all hair is 50% off atm, so make sure you take a peek at those. There is also a Selena dollarbie in a pink bag next to this one. It is a very pretty cream-coloured sequins dress with a cowl neck plus a free skin :)

3. tw.* They also have some cute lovestruck tees in store for 100L..his and hers, or his and his, or hers and hers, whatever your fancy :)

4. Bliss Couture - Also there is a beautiful new release gown, called Valarie, and it is currently 50% off.

5. Izzie's Fashions - Valentine Special - 5L in store and comes with 2 sets, small hearts and big hearts - both very adorable. This is the small heart set. The big hearts set will be shown in Part 2 of my V-Day posts. It comes with the garters and the stockings :)

6. Icewerk - This is a freebie in store, but there are also some other nice V-day dresses and lingerie ranging from 195L - 295L, so take a look while you are there.

7. ::temptation:: - This dress is the St. Valentine Special for 1L, but there are also 2 other free mini dresses in the same section, and hoop earrings for 25L.

8. NOSOTR@S - There are 2 free gifts here - one for girls and one for guys. They are group gifts so you need to join the group first and then touch the signs. The Sim is so nicely decorated so take a walk around, it is very pretty :)

9. Adam n Eve - This dress is from Adam'n'Eve Hump Day. There were also shoes that matched perfectly next to the sign. Unfortunately, I forgot about them when I was taking my pics - oops! :)
10. Hyper Couture - There are a few dollarbies in store right now - a pose pack with 3 cute poses in it for 10L, a box of dresses and shirts for 1L, and a pack of 4 graphic tees for 10L. While you are there, check out the new hair salon, some nice hair at reasonable prices. :)

What I am wearing (Sisely)..

Worn in all pics:
Hair - !VA! Sunday kind of love in Blonde
Skin - Vanessa Valentines Edition from IrEn
Lelutka Saffron Pumps (black and red)
lollipop in mouth (color change) worn in some pics from Zenith (gift)
Posing on (MB) Romantic Hangout - group gift in-store

1. Unwrap Me Baby! from Vita's Boudoir (1L in-store)
*HS* Heart tattoo

2. Mayden Couture - Valentine's Gift (1L in-store by the front desk)

3. n*l heart ring and necklace
tw. have heart underpants (gift in store) not sure if it is still there..think they moved..

4. Bliss Couture Sweatheart Mini Dress - Group gift in store
Heart Set Necklace from n*l (hunt new paper.doll store)

5. Izzie's Fashions Bra and Panties with Garter Set - Valentine's Set for 5L in store
~RU~ Heart Necklace

6. Icewerk - BE Mine (group gift in store)
*HS* Heart Point Tattoo

7. ::temptation:: Dress Gift for St. Valentine
n*l all you need is love Necklace (hunt at paper.doll)

8. n*l heart ring and necklace
NOSOTR@S Valentine Hunter Set - group gift in store (top, skirt and stockings)

9. Adam n Eve - Valentine Dress Dollarbie in store
~RU~ Heart Necklace

10. HC - Spring Slash Dress (Valentine Edition)
Bow Necklace from Sad* (new)