Friday, May 28, 2010

..lovin' Navy!

some Navy hair from BC322 and !lamb, outfit from Izzie's, skirt from Leezu, and turtleneck from COCO :D

*BOOM* Wrong Size Cardi
COCO Bow Shirt (with collar)
Hair - BC322 A-TUP (new!)
Izzie - Frill Suit bottoms (new!)
Pr!tty Band Rose from Runway Hair
Maitreya Allure heels and tights neutral 3

add cuffs from COCO striped turtleneck
and maitreya allure tights in powder
Izzie - Frill Suit (new!)

O'Lala Micro Skirt - Leezu (new!)
Hair - !lamb. Lost (new!)
Heels and socks Maitreya Gold Allure-Tights
COCO Striped turtleneck
Aoharu Twin Skinny Belt
A&ANA Elegant Earrings
Izzie's Wood bangles b/w
Purse {DF} Yellow purse (no url at the moment - can't find any locations)

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Feather dress from SMS (one of my fav shops) and earrings from A&A Fashion that suit the dress perfectly..

{SMS} Feather Dress (SMS has moved!)
Shoes - Tesse LeLutka
Hair - Magika
Skin - SmeXy
*Crazy* Golden Bracelet
A&Ana Fashion Dux Silver Flex Earrings
Dollita Woody Bangle

Hit The Beach!

..a quickie for ya today..

This bikini from BBD is super sexy and I would say only for you wild ones out there, lol. I love the colors so much, and it does look great on, but I am still on the fence as to whether or not I can pull it off outside of the privacy of my own home, lol. Time will tell!
There are other colors available as well.

This bag from Coco is a free gift at the moment - join the group and touch the pic in the gifts section - so cute! There are a bunch of other gifts too, so if you haven't been there, be sure to check it out. All the gifts are along the far right wall.

Skin from Cupcakes (50L last week). I don't think they are still available at this price but check out the romance skins on now for 100L each. Also fairly new hair from (Michelle) andW&Y (color change sunglasses for head included) - perfect for summer looks!

Hair - W&Y New 138
Skin - Cupcakes Fantasy Bronze Rainbow
BBD - CandyStripe Topless Halter Bikini
INDI Seagrass Flip Flops
Dollita Wood Bangle (gift in store)
*BOOM* Door Knockas Earrings
[Addict] Swack Tat
Bag - COCO - free!

Skin - Cupcakes Fantasy Bronze Rainbow
Hair - Truth
*BOOM* Kini wild Girl II in lime
.::SM::. Chic Sunglasses in lime
Shiny Things Multistrand Necklace

Hair -
Skin - Cupcakes Genius III bunny Gray (50L sale)
EmJay Brown Paisley Beach Shorts
(PixelDolls) tintable Bikini - previous freebie

Friday, May 21, 2010


New hair from Magika called Wild - love it! The pins on the side are color change too :)
I am wearing my favorite 50L Friday item here..the Kookie Wedges :D

Fishy Strawberry Geisha Leather Belt
Lucy In DisGuise - Nails - Chocolate Syrup
Sensation top (jacket layer) from CandyDoll
Cynful Gracieness Shirt Dark Red
Doppelganger Inc. - Cut-Off Jean Skirt (50L Friday)
So Many Styles - skinny Jeans in blue
Kookie 50L Friday Wedges
Hair - Magika - new!
Faster Necklace from LP vs. Garage
Fishy Strawberry Plastic Aviator Glasses - in outlet section
Gisaci Healing Tiger Bangle in Fire
Together Inc. Jeansbag
SYDS white chocolate flower ring

Newness today!

New dresses, hair and overalls!

When I got the update from Truth today about the new hair, I tped to the shop immediately. Boy was it jammed - and for good reason! This hair is awesomeeee ;) Each pack comes with the normal colors, as well as the streaked.

Blaine Dresses from SK Designs - sold in a pack of 3 and sold for only 150L - black, turquoise, and garnet. I love it so much I didn't change for 3 days, lol.

Grunge Overalls from Noirilicious..
The green version is the group gift for May, but I also bought the blue and grey pack :) So cute!

oh...before I forget..someone made a comment on their blog about a swimsuit I modelled for a shop...basically saying the suit was cute, but they wished my boobs were smaller. I just wanna say - they are my boobs and I love ' it and take a pic of urself in it if that is your preference - instead of complaining about mine! :-P The great thing about SL is that we can be any size and shape we want to be - power to the BOOBIES! :-P

Blaine Dress from SK designs
Hair - Truth (new!)
Skin - CandyDoll
Chunky Boots from Shiny Things
Skrem! Eyecorner studs
Urbanity - u broke me necklace
A&Ana Diamond Square Earrings
*Ticky Tack* Hoppty Hoops of Love Bangles
KHUSH - netted socks
actchio - lotus tat
mps! arm-wraps

Grunge Overalls - green (May gift) and blue from Noirilicious

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Classroom..

just a quickie today...

What I am wearing (Sisely)..
Gwen Gloves (Beauty Av Outfit)
SU! Tartan Skirt Grey (Suicidal Unborn)
Zenith MIB shirt from outfit with collar and tie
Ultimate Boots from [PM]
Evangeline Skin from Iren @ The Alternative Fair
Socks from The Student Oufit @ Paradisis
Hair - Maitreya
Bangles - Shade Throne
Earrings - A&Ana
[skream!] eye corner studs
KHUSH - netted socks

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

On The Boardwalk..

It is such a beautiful day here in rl, and it inspired this outfit. It's a perfect day for a walk on the boardwalk and dip my toes in the water! :)

I thought both these beach bags were really cute. The straw bag (from Kiss it!) has lots of goodies in it - and comes with an animation for holding.

This bag from Tiki Tattoo comes fully shaded with a book, blanket and a drink inside. It also comes with 3 adjustable animations.

Breezy Sheer Tunic from the Sea Hole - comes with socks and garters
Hair - Shag - Nymph (previous Project Themeory)
Skin - CandyDoll - Jessica
Shoes Kookie Powder Puff in Cloud
Earrings - A&ANA Black & White Earrings
Loop Bangle from
Aitui Tattoo - Star Stratus
Beach Bags - Kiss This! Basket (in hand) & Beach Bag from Tiki Tattoo (on bench)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


..just my random outfit today :)

Aren't these capris just darling? I love the fit, the texture and the cutie little belt buckle. It is low and sexy in the front but still covers my goodies in the back. I am not a huge fan of the pants/jeans that show 70% of ur butt. I just don't get it..why bother wearing pants? lol I mean sneak a peak, ok..I get that. But some of the pants being released lately are just ridiculous - even for sl!

..loving the new jewelry - LP vs Garage. These are the connected earrings - colorful and funky.
Skin is from the Alternative Fair from Iren - love the drama of the eyes :)

K - I want to share this the beat to the song (stomp, stomp) and its definitely entertaining, lol. Check it out..
Coffee Shop by Yung Joc feat. Gorilla Joe..

Young Joc - Coffee Shop

TRACKFIENDS.NET | MySpace Music Videos

*FakE* Punky Shorts
LP vs Garage - Connected Earrings
KowP Simple Nose Ring
Duh! Sneaker Boots
W&Y Hair 115
Pinkie Skull Arm wraps
Naive - Double Socks
Tats - Iruru Symmetry (lower), AITUI Star Stratus (upper), Rosary Tat (Upper)
Crop Cupcakes Tee from LaPush
Skin - Iren - Alternative Fair

Rotten Toes..

I stumbled on this cutie outfit as I was wandering around today...the shorts and top are from Rotten Toe and only 50L each! There is an assortment of other styles and colors too ;) There is a box with mod ruffles for the shorts so when u grab a pair, be sure to buy the box for 0L.

I saw this skin in several blogs over the past couple days..but everytime I tried to get it, I ended up waiting sooo long. S is a rare letter for lucky boards - uff! But today..I waited about 10 mins and S finally came up - yay! I am really happy because it is a such a sweet skin. :) fyi...R and D come up a lot, lol. Check here.

I wanted to show a close up of these cutie doll shorts..the dolls in the pockets are absolutely priceless! :)
!RT (rotten toe) - cutie doll shorts
!RT (rotten toe) - Torn corset salmon
*Kookie* Armada boots with warmers
Maitreya Allure socks
Smexy Make up (lucky board)
Hair - emo-tions
tat - Lotus tat from doll - new!
Pink !nc - Goody Bangle
pinkie skull arm warmers with nails
*Just You* Pocket Ecstacy Necklace - new!
Thermos Flask from Kue!
Vest - *Epic* Down in pink (from previous hunt)
Poses from So Many Styles

Monday, May 17, 2010

Caught in the rain..with Storin

..kind of a mix n' match outfit - cardigan from Boom, skirt from Sassy Kitty (previous gift), tights from *blowpop*, boots from Duh!, and my skin from the previous post, JeSyLiLO.
I wanted to highlight this awesome umbrella set from Storin. It comes with 2 versions of the umbrella (open and closed) and a total of 10 poses, and 9 texture options for the umbrellas. I chose plaid (open) and bubbles (closed), but there are lots of cute possible textures/colors.

I think this hair from Truth is adorable. It's not a new release, but I just came across it this morning, as I was snooping for a new hairstyle. It's called Twiggy (even the name is cute, lol) and the hair band is color change :) arm wraps from My Pinkie Skull - love 'em!

Song for of my fav duos - Basement Jaxx with Raindrops :) enjoy!

*Boom* Wrong Size Cardi
*Boom* Door Knockas Earrings
::Duh!:: Skosh Boots
Hair - Truth
(NS) Rock'n'Rolla Guitar Chain
Necklace Nights of Angels - Urban Angel Shop
Lotus Tattoo from Doll
*blowpop* Fishnet Tights
[Sassy Kitty Designs] High Waisted Skirt (previous group gift)
Skin - JeSyLiLO Josie - new!
Pinkie Skull - Arm-Wraps - new!
Storin Umbrella Set
Face Emoter from DuBoo

Meet "Josie"!

..presenting "Josie" from JeSyLiLO (in dark tan).
LiLO, an up and coming designer, has released this new skinline called Josie. The faces are absolutely adorable - so pretty. Two lipstick colors, with or without freckles, smokey eyes, even eyelashes on the skin. These photos don't do the detail on the face justice, so be sure to check out the demos in store for a closer look.

TP to JeSyLiLO at the Onyx Mall, or tp to her new mainstore. She has a variety of skins and clothing - check it out! :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010


..time for a quickie..

TOSL *Umbrella* Dress
*Boom* Door Knockas Earrings
FBG - Bright Sprinkle Donut Bangle in Yellow (it's color change)
Hair - Truth - new!
Skin - Vive9
Flower in Hair from Chanimations home improvement set

M+M Flower Dress Skirt only
FBG - Bright Sprinkle Donut Bangle in Navy
TOSL *Umbrella* Tank
Hair - Friday
So Many Styles gift Belt Blue
Skin - Curio

Dollarbie poses and suitcases at Storin here from the zombie popcorn hunt, but it's out front right now. Some poses are mine, some are from the pack.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Catch a ride?

More Yummy posing stuff - yay! Storin just released this posing set called Globetrotters. It comes with a number of suitcases (not all shown here) and 10 poses to go with them. It is soo cool, and I love it :) All the poses in this post are from that set (except for the second pic - I was using the sit with the bench)

These are the new skinny jeans from So Many Styles. Each color comes in both the normal and ripped version. One of my new favorite jeans!
Being from the east coast and having a Scottish/Irish background, I really do love my tartan :) I was so excited last week to see some really nice "lumberjack" plaids. These shoes from Vive9 were one of my favorite things from last week. I only bought the one pair, and am kicking myself now for not picking up the other version too. My skirt is tartan from Suicidal Unborn and I have been mixing it with a lot of outfits lately.
Somethin' In Your Mouth has 2 packs of mouth signs (each with 3 different signs) for only 75L. I scooped up one a few weeks ago and thought it was perfect for this post.

New song today...awesome socks! This one is The Other Side by Bruno Mars and B.O.B. My apologies about the video...but the album was just released video out yet. Hope you enjoy the listen :)

(vive9) Xian Boot Lumberjack (Project Themeory - last week)
*OC* Crazy Hair - freebie in store
Suicidal Unborn - Tartan Skirt
So Many Styles Skinny Jeans Blue Ripped
So Many Styles Vintage Jacket (Red Cross Event)
MonS Bracelet World
MonS Cecile Ring
*Boom* Skinny Plastic Door Knockers Earrings
Urbanity You Broke Me necklace
.::SM::. Chic Sunglasses in Copper
So Many Styles Prairie Blouse
*Boom* Cuffed Socks in Grey
Glance Skins - Ling Smokey
Purse from Tres Blah

Props - IZUMIYA Trunk (pay 20L to the machine, and it gives u a random color and size)
Bus Stop - 1L from Cat's Dirt Project - I got it from xstreet so I am not sure if it is in the shop
All Poses and pile of suitcases from Storin Globetrotter Set

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