Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Everyday Winter

A casual winter's day...

I just feel so comfy cozy in this outfit (yes, even though I am showing more skin than normal, lol). It is kind of a mish mash of goodies from different stores - one of my favorite things to do is throw a bunch of stuff together that I am loving in that moment.

These boots from Kitties Lair remind of me of a pair of boots I used to wear from paper couture last year which I think I wore for most of the winter, lol. I love the shade of brown, the fur and the fact that they are low boots - something I would totally wear in RL. I was actually in the store looking for a pair of heels they carry, and came across these adorable boots. I was very excited =)

This hat from NoaR comes in 2 colors of hair - blonde and black, but the hat is color change. I love the little brown pom pom and felt it went nicely with my boots =)
I also have to mention this skin, which I can't seem to take off! It is the group gift from Belleza, a preview of the Alyson skin that I hope will be released soon because I really love it =)

What I am wearing (Sisely)
!Doux Petit Dahl - Crochet Tights in Aqua
*Crazy* Panama Sweater
*KL* FurBoots
Aquamarine Shine Nail Polish by Price Low (from XStreet)
NoaR Earflap in blonde
!SyDS! white chocolate flower ring
HC - Floral - black mini
.:XD:. Street Girl army tattoo (part of outfit)
Belleza - Alyson Skin - group gift (250L to join group - preview to upcoming skin release)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dresses Galore...Part 1 (Sisely)

I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays on behalf of Delia and myself. We wish you all the best in the upcoming year. =)

This is one of the times of year when I just love to wear dresses and there are so many nice freebies around the grid =)
..not much time to write as RL is busy busy at this time of the year for us, but I wanted to post these items I found a few days ago. Although I really like them all, my favorite has to be the partygirl outfit from the hunt at {paperdoll} - it is just soo cute! =)

What I am wearing:

Dress 1
Xmas Empire Gown from Badoura
Sofia hair from ETD
*Crazy* Golden Bracelet
NX - Nardotix Kurvy Ruby Slippers
Xmas Earring (from paperdoll Xmas Hunt Gift)
Elf SKin from Curio

Dress 2
Slow Kitchen Holy Night Dress

{paper.doll} PartyGirl Outfit (from paperdoll Xmas Hunt Gift)
Sheer Stockings
Christmas Tree Ring (from paperdoll Xmas Hunt Gift)
Xmas Bow Earring (from paperdoll Xmas Hunt Gift)
SyDS! Berry Ring
Poinsetta amethyst Brooch from Sigma Jewels

Dress 4
BD - Cuty Green from Badoura (Dollarbie in-store)
**GD** Two Roses Holly Necklace (Neklace)
Bow Earrings (from paperdoll Xmas Hunt Gift)

Dress 5
Sigma-Jewels Diamond Studs
Adam n Eve - Christmas Gift Gown

Dress 6
Adam n Eve Catwalk Polka (Freebie Box)

Dress 7
Rescue Dress (Group Gift) from Angel's Designs
BM Hanging Heart Earrings from XStreet

Dress 8
*+*JILL*+* 1st Anniversary Gift (in-store)
Rha! Color Change Snowflake Earrings

Leila's Ruby Dress..from Boom*

..on my travels today, I found this new release from *Boom*..so yummy. I just love the cut of the dress - the low back, the neckline and the slits on the side. It is sexy without being completely revealing which I really love, and the colour is perfect for this time of year =)

My hair is one of the new releases from fri.day. Since my return to SL, Delia has really got me hooked on fri.day hair. I think I have one of each in at least one colour.

I just love the view of the dress from the back..

All these pics are taken in the Concrete Room by Slow Kitchen. It is one of the 6 lucky board prizes at the moment. It comes with 3 poses (2 in the tree and one sitting on the snow). It also has the option for snow or no snow, just click the star on the ground for on or off. =) There are also 2 dresses, a skirt, a skybox, and another version of this room on the lucky board. In addition there are some group gifts in-store.

Another goodie I found was this gift from Belle Belle..it is the advent hunt gift today. Click on the present at the front of the store for the hint on where to find it =) The tree, in case anyone is wondering, is from D-lab - lots of cute stuff there =)

What I am wearing (Sisely):
Melanie2 from fri.day - new release hair
Elf Skin from Curio (group gift)
Dress - Tamed Leila's Ruby *Boom* (not free)
Tattoo on back - I<3> Natural Girl
Socks - *Shop Seu* kushukushu kutsushita BLACK
[Armidi Gisaci] Oxford Leather ankle Boot in Mocha
Fatale Earrings from [glow]
[[SHADE THRONE]] Darkspring Bracelet
L&G Couture Finger Nail Polish

Monday, December 21, 2009

Smexy Holiday Goodies (Part 1 - Sisely)

Where to start..this post is jam packed with some of my favorite smexy stuff for the holidays...
The first one, and one of my favorites, cause it is so pretty and dainty..is the gift from Fishy Strawberry called Ignition in Red.

Cocoa is served..

I am so in love with Blacklace lingerie this season..there are some really adorable sets that are hard to resist. The texture is amazing, and they are so well made. Also, all lingerie from Blacklace is giftable, which is so convenient for the holidays.

This sofa was a dollarbie (well I think I paid 20L) from [S.LOVES] a little while back. It has multiple poses and definitely worth the 20L. They have tons of cute poses in-store too., so go check them out. =)

This cute candy cane bra and panties is from Lime Crime - gift in-store called Holiday Freebies =)

This one is a group gift from Seldom Blue..join the group Eternity Brides and Seldom Blue and go to notices..

Fishy Strawberry's Marshmallow Lingerie Set in red..

On thing I did want to mention, and this is not specific to this post. We know that it is so easy to tp to a place, join the subscribe-o-matic, get your gift and then unsibscribe. But seriously, this is rude to the creators who work so hard on these gifts and discourages other creators from being so generous. It doesn't take up group spots, so why not just allow the creator to send out notices, which is in fact the purpose of the subscribo in the first place =)

Sisely's Lingerie

Outfit 1
Fishy Strawberry Ignition Lingerie in red (gift in-store)
Shoes - Verve Pumps from Maitreya (worn with all the outfits)
Hair - fri.day
Garter from Sheer Garter Set
I<3 Rien Natural Girl Tattoo
Elf Skin Gift from Curio (worn with all Sisely's outfits)
Fatale Earrings from [Glow Studio]
Ring - BBD Crystal Rose Ring

Outfit 2
Blacklace - Diva: Ruby Satin & Lace Bra Lingerie Set
*Sheer* Stockings Fishnet Black

OPutfit 3
Blacklace - Holiday Collection: Mistletoe Bear & Garter Set
Hair - ::69:: Terre B
Stars Tattoo from Tuli

Outfit 4
Hair - Terre ::69::
CandyCane Lingerie top & panties - *LC* Holiday Freebies
*Sheer* Garter Set

Outfit 5
Seldom Blue Christmas Lingerie Group Gift (Kira)
Hair - ETD - Abigail
*Epic* Fantasy Oral Fixation Homemade Snowflake Choco Lolli in mouth - Dollarbie in-store

Outfit 6
Fishy Strawberry Lingerie - Marshmallow - Red Set
Hair - ETD - Abigail

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Newness From League - yay!

When I heard that League had a new outfit, I had to go check it out, and I was not disappointed. I really wanted to post this before I went to bed tonight, so it will be a quick post.

The scenery here at Embryo is incredible. Anyone who knows me well on SL (and even some who don't know me that well) know how much I love the snow. I am not talking about just SL snow either, although there are some amazing winter sims, I am also referring to real life cold, wet, messy snow lol. I guess being from Canada, I have really learned to appreciate a white Christmas. There is nothing as beautiful as fresh fallen snow. =)

I came across this hair with the hat while shopping at AMERIE, and roaming around to see the many stores there (good ones too). It was 300L at Find Ash and well worth it. I did have to make some adjustments to my head shape, etc. so I am getting used to my small head lol, but I really like it. It comes with 2 hat colour in the pack, which is nice. The boots are from Anexx in black nordic, and the scarf and brooch are various pieces from other outfits.

DeLa Arm Warmers in Black (from the POE Hunt)
Black Roses Brooch from previous outfit
Boots - Anexx Knit Legwarmers and Heels
Tights - !DPD Knit Belle Bottoms in Smoke (without the bottoms)
Shirt - League Grandad Vest White
League Grandad Braces in Red
Skirt - League Thermal Skirt in Black
Skin - [PF] Skye
Hair - "FA" Jackfrost

Saturday, December 19, 2009

:OW: Update

New from Onyx Wear! These knitted leggings are just in time for Christmas - yay! They go perfect with anything on those cold winter days. As usual with OW, the texture is high quality and they are cute and fun to wear =) They look awesome with the new sweater dresses from OW (as seen in this pic). Shown here are the Check Leggings and Red Linez, but there are a bunch of other ones at the store too, so check them out!

OW also has these new jeans - so hawt.

Delia is wearing:
Photo 1
Hair-Martha from Rezlpsa
Skin-Winter skin from Curio
Shoes-Snow Booties from ::Duh!::

Photo 2
Shoes-PornStar -UBU

Christmas PJ Party!

Unfortunately we don't get to enjoy as many lazy days on SL as we would hope. It seems there is always some sale or hunt that we just can't miss! So today, Delia and I decided we would take some time out and put on some Xmas Pjs and relish in the season. =)

I have been wearing this awesome hat from Sway for a couple days now, and I have never received so many IMs about an item I have been wearing (nor have I gotten so many chuckles lol). Everyone wants to know where to get one, so I wanted to make sure I got this in a post. I found the hat at LocoPoco by the snowman at the entrance. There are actually a bunch of gifts there, some for tinies, and some for regular avs.

I picked up these antlers from Skream! - it also comes with a "singing" nose, that plays Jingle Bells! =) I also want to mention my necklace - such a cute holly necklace that I purchased from Xstreet for only 10L (great deal). It is hard to find nice simple, but pretty, jewelry for the holidays, and this one is perfect - especially since I already have a lot going on with my outfit. You should go visit Glow Designs in-world - they have a lot of things there ranging from pirate attire to wedding gowns to doll houses.

Delia's bed is from Christmas Central (it was a hunt gift), and the reindeer in the background is from Milestone Creations. There is only one pose with the bed, but it is hilarious. The pose puts you snuggled up right under the covers, and looks creepingly real. When I saw her there, it looked like she was really passed out on me, lol.

Took Delia forever to get ready - I now call her turtle cause she is so dam slow and hates to be rushed, lol. She had so much fun going around the grid finding awesome holiday treats. She really likes the holiday gift from hoorenbeek, and was amazed when she found out hours later that the lights turn on :) duh - funny girl, lol. After I harrassed her to find some Pjs she finally went digging through her inventory and found these pajamas, she says, "look comfy huh woman". I guess she had forgotten about them, which is understandable given the huge size of her inventory. She finished the outfit off with these unbelievably adorable Rudolf slippers she picked up from Rebel Hope Designs. Believe me when she was all comfied up in her Pjs and ready for pics, I was an hour older and very much ready to take some pics. =) The first thing she said was, "You happy now, woman?" and so continues the drama of Sisely and Delia getting ready for a post..lol.

Hat by Sway at LocoPoco
Armidi Sheer Ripped Tank in white from shoparmidi.com
Twosome Xmas Jammies from The Black Market
Necklace - Holly Necklace from Glow Designs (only 10L sale on Xstreet)
Hair - ETD Abagail
Sanu Candy Cane in mouth from The Black Market
Mistletoe belly ring from Xstreet
Skin - Curio
Slippers - Christmas loafer from Xstreet only 25L
XTC Rudolph Doll

Lights and Reindeer Horns -[ hoorenbeek ] Christmas gift
Hair - Fri.day
Candy cane in mouth - {Torrify}
Rudolf slippers- !Rebel Hope Designs

Friday, December 18, 2009

Got the lights on!

..we got the lights on the tree, now time to put them on me! (ya I know, corny, right) lol.
Continuing with the Christmas theme, these items are hard to ignore. Love, love, love the hair from Calico..it's so fun! They come with a mouthpiece to chew on (don't do this in rl winks*) that continues from the head lights.
These two outfits are a Christmas Edition version of the shimmermini, perfect for the holidays - cranberry and mistletoe.

The wings are just an added touch from an angel outfit from *Epic*. This is the first time I have worn wings since back in my newbie days when I was butterfly (hard to believe that was almost 2 years ago, as my rezz day is coming up in January). Antlers are from a Blacklace outfit called Laya. It comes with the antlers, an adorable lingerie set (previously posted), a little black bear, and a bright red nose (not shown).

Me, thinking about all the Christmas goodies this season from all around the grid. So many places to go, so little time! This sofa is from Sway. It comes with several sit and lay poses..quite cute and perfect for pics.

Photo Set 1(mistletoe)
Dress - Christmas Edition ShimmerMini in Mistletoe from {paper.doll}
Antlers are from the Laya Limited Edition Set at Blacklace
Hair - Lucia - !!Calico Ingmann Creations Gift Hair (Mint-tipped Midnight)
*Epic* Chilbi Wings from Angel Baby Set
Boots - .:VDI:. Courtesan Boot in White
Sofa from Sway
Pink Fuel Skin Sky
Star Lollipop in mouth from Pink Fuel
Rings ::BBD:: CrystalRose Ring AND !SyDS! Berry Ring

Photo Set 2 (cranberry) same as above with..
Dress - Christmas Edition ShimmerMini in Cranberry from {paper.doll}
Lucia Lights Mouthpiece in mouth

Thursday, December 17, 2009


The most adorable Red dress Truth Hawks sent out today for Subscribers....Go down to Truth click the Subscribo and check the notices...

I am wearing..
Outfit- Martini Dress >TRUTH<

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sisely at AM Radio..

What a great sim for pics! I couldn't resist taking a bunch of pics here at AM Radio. I wanted to share some of my favorite winter outfits. There are so many - but here are three. =)

I am in love with the TOSL boots this year...so cute and the sweater texture makes for a nice soft-looking boot. They come in 8 different colours. These are the pink, but I also have charcoal and snow. Eventually - I will have to invest in all the colours because they are my favorite boot for winter. These tights are also adorable. They are DUBOO leggings laundry day Sunday. The pack comes with a pair for everyday of the week - how cool is that. I stumbled upon this store, and I have to admit, I bought more than I had planned. Upstairs has some really cool glasses and shades, and some unique tattoos on the main floor.
The sweater is a gift from the Christmas Hunt at Prim & Pixel Paradise, and the tweed skirt is from a gift outfit at DeeTaleZ. ::69:: has a bunch of hair with winter caps (each with colour change). The one pictured here is Escape 02 in Charcoal, but I did get another in blonde.

Bearing gifts! I just love this pose - it's a dollarbie from *EverGlow*.

KUE! Mitten Beary White and Chullo Hat subscribo gift - so cute with the little beary faces =) Join the group and click on the white box on the front. These pants are one of the dollarbies in store at mijn.t. The red items are on sale for 1L. I am also wearing the green striped holiday tights from FaKE. This is a gift under the tree, and it comes with a pack of 6 designs, in underwear and sock layers. I love them. =) I am wearing the pink stripe tights below.

Pretty in Pink (and blue)...

I am really into pinks this winter..such a cozy colour..and it really stands out with the blue accessories and boots against the white snow.

Sisely is wearing:

Photo Set 1
Boots - TOSL Wellies
Sweater - Poncho Sweater from Prim & Pixel Paradise Christmas Hunt
Tights - DUBOO laundry day Sunday
Skirt - Wool Tweed from DeeTaleZ gift in store
Hair (with hat) ::69:: Escape 02 with pink hat
Melted Snowman Cookie in mouth - gift from :: Exodi ::

Photo Set 2
Jacket - Holiday Jacket from the Down the Chimney Hunt at Balaclava!
Pants - Vintage Monday pants from Mijn.t dollarbie in store.
Mittens & Hat - [Kue!] Subscribo gift
Boots - Sand Shack Surf Co. Elsa Boots
Holiday Tights from FaKE (gift under tree)
Glance Skin - 50L sale for adriana gold
Hair - Jasmine from fri.day

Photo Set 3
Cozy Mittens & Scarf by Reek Chimney Hunt
Winter Hat - from Sparkle Kitty outfit by Lestat Reuven
Holiday Tights - pink stripe by FaKE
Sweater - Ballet Sweater in pink from fri.day
Hair - Jasmine from fri.day
Skin - PF Skye (tea)
Boots - Parker Knit Boots in pale blue from Sand Shack Surf Co.