Friday, April 30, 2010

Weekend Wear..

..running against the clock today so not much time for chatter. These outfits speak for and flirty but still sexy..
..the hair, the dresses, the shoes..all yummy :)

Song for today...Airplanes - nice cover!
Mister guitarist (slash) piano player..god love ya cause u are TOO cute :) Hope u enjoy this as much as me! Check out other Tyler Ward stoof...sooo sweet! xD


What I am wearing..

*BOOM* Cuffed socks in pink worn over wool socks base (Surf Couture - Chimney Hunt)
*HD* Happy Daisy!
.::Gatti::. Silkline Dress
*GP* Platform Shoes
Hair - Mirai Style - color change scarf
Ticky Tack Hoopty Hoops of Love Bangles
Nails - Ibizarre
"P!" Stutter Earrings in grey
Skin - Baiastice - new!

Lana - Watermelon Juice from AMD
[PM] Baby T's
Hair Tiny Bird - D.A.N.C.E
Skin - Baiastice
Bangles - Dark Mouse - Remember Me
*Boom* Cuffed Socks
Eolande's Butterfly Charmer Necklace

EMERY Clutch Lips
Spring Fling Flexi Dress from AMD
[PM] Baby T's
Hair - :::Line::: color change hair band
Bangles - Dark Mouse - Remember Me
*Boom* Cuffed Socks
LAQ - Elena Skin

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Day..

Just a quickie post today..
I am feeling in a "springy" mood - the weather has been so beautiful lately, and the flowers are starting to show life :)

Maitreya Hair..Milla (with bangs) color change band - TONS of options!

New Baiastice skin! :)

I have been a good girl this week (so far, lol) so I bought me a new pair o' shoes! These flats are new at Shiny Things..and come in an assortment of color combinations. I love 'em - so cute. There is also a pair of blue ones as a group gift out right now in the store. The flower in my mouth is from Lostwood..lots of freebie and dollarbies so make sure you check it out! My necklace is new by Skream, it is a chain and bead necklace that drops low in the front, and also in the back. Also wearing feet around my neck thanks to *jd*:D

The song for the day is "Spring Again" by Biz Markie..this is just another example of how diverse my music taste it :D I love kickin' it old school! This really takes me back...

Have a great day everyone! :)

What I am wearing (Sisely)..
Heels - Pixel Mode Baby T's
MonS Elegant Bracalet in Pink
*Boom* Skinny Plastic Door Knockers Earrings in Purple
White Flower in mouth from LostWood - freebie
Hair - Maitreya
Meriken & Co. - Doya Dress
**en svale** free knee socks (pink)
Skin - LAQ

Ring - Red Blitz Red & Black from Esel s (zombie hunt)
Zimmy Flats from Shiny Things - new!
*Crazy* Socks from Guardian Outfit
LoQ Caffe Latte Hair in Dark Blonde
Ibizarre Nail Polish
Izzie's Lily Bracelet
*jd* Pearl Necklace feets
[skream] Sylvanas Bead & Chain Necklace
White Flower in mouth from LostWood - freebie
{SMS} Pocket Dress
Skin - Baiastice

Monday, April 26, 2010

From Morning into night..(part 2)

I orginally wanted to combine my previous post and this one together..but realised as I was posting the pics that it was just WAY too figured I would add a part 2. So here it is..

After a long day of lounging in the sun..I aquired a nice tan :) But now it is time to get ready to go out and "hit the town" and I mean literally the town lol. Drinks are on me, as long as no one partakes in any karaoke! haha :-P

I just found this skin by fluke as I was wandering around the Ninth Rua Shopping Strip - so so so pretty :D The designer of JeSyLiLO mentioned that she will be releasing a new line of skins soon, and a opening a new mainstore - something to look forward to!

These pics are also taken in the Coldwater Wilderness Camper - mirror from Mudhoney Glam Closet Set and the chair is a group gift from LP2 Interior here.

In honor of the Trailer Park Boys, and my hometown..figured I would share this tune from The Classified (from Halifax and filmed in Halifax - yay!)..hope you enjoy it!

What I am wearing..
[Gos] DARE Bootie
Gloves Glam Affair (Gwen Outfit)
*Boom* Skinny Plastic Door Knockers
*Crazy* Kiss overall (top only)
*Crazy* Rock Leggins - New!
GrungeInk Rocker Tat - underwear only
JeSyLiLO MoOon *Burn* Skin
Jasha Verandi Bangles
LaVie "Good Morning babe" Smoke kills
Paper Couture Faceted Diamond Necklace
Ploom (deviant kitties) Hair Telephone in Blonde

Good Morning! from morning into night..

This part 1 of 2..
The LaVie "good morning babe" avatar (free from LaVie) inspired me to do this post..not sure if it is still available unfortunately. I haven't worn the entire avatar but bits and pieces. That said though, the whole avatar pack is awesome. It comes with the robe, slippers, hair, smoke, cup of coffee with animated sips, and a bra under the robe (not shown) as part of the skin. I decided to incorporate the Imabee Lucy in the Morning skin instead, and put on my favorite bunny slippers :D Kind of ironic because there is a show called The Trailer Park Boys, filmed in Nova Scotia where I am from..and one of the lead females (whom I went to school with) is named Lucy. I thought it was very fitting! :)
Under the robe I am wearing the Kristie set from sweet little, which was a previous gift.

I absolutely love this onesy :D It is definitely a favorite of mine. I found it on Xstreet and fell in love with it...cuteness! I am wearing the slippers from the "good morning babe" avatar.

I love the vintage feel of this traditionally cut underwear set. I also found it on xstreet..but she does have a shop *Snickers* so check it out.

This set is also from sweet is the robo Asst Pjs in cupcakes. This shop also has the most adorable little ice cream swirly necklaces..definitely check them out. They are 99L each and come in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla combinations.

Apple Pjs from [aRAWRa] - love them. When I went back to update the slurl..I found the shop had moved and I couldnt find another location :( Hope they are just in the process of moving..cause there were 2 other very cute versions too. I will keep ya posted on this one..

The Camper in all these pics is from Coldwater Wilderness Area and is FREE in the store! :) You can get it here. There are lots of other goodies too!

What I am wearing..(Sisely)

!Imabee Lucy in the Morning
fluffy bunny slippers from Ti'Amo Shoes (store temporarily down, can be found on xstreet here)
"LaVie "good morning babe" Robe, Hair and Smoke - not sure if it is still available
under robe - sweet little - Kristie Halter and panties (gift in store)

!HOMIES - Silly Face PJ's from xstreet here..I wasnt able to find the shop bad :(
Hair - Tiny Bird Gattina

*Snickers* Sugar Pink Set from xstreet here..

Robo Asst Pjs in cupcakes from sweet little

Apple Pjs from [aRAWRa] - slurl at this time
Puku Puku Puyo Panda Slippers in Black

Lawn chair is from Mudshake and the picnic table is from Awesome Blossom :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Onyx Wear does it again!

Designer Frank Windlow of OW has been very busy lately, so many awesome new releases - yay! Every week he is coming out with new stuff ;) OW is also included in Thirsty Thursdays, and this first one, the Zebra Corset Flex Dress, has been released just for that - hope you got it yesterday! All the skirts are modifiable so they can be adjusted for people with bigger butts like me - lol.

The detailed buttons down the center are a nice added touch - so dainty, and the bustline is perfectly tailored.


..without the skirt, it is a sweet but sexy lingerie set. The thigh-hi fishnets were included in the Thirsty Thursday outfit, but are also a group gift, so make sure you join the update group (sign is at the front desk).


Lifted Tops..released in such an assortment of 'em!

Song for today..Martin Solveig feat. Dragonette - Boys & Girls!

What I am wearing (Sisely)
Corset Flex-Dresses..
[PM] Baby T's in Black
OW Corset Flex Dresses - Dark Zebra, Lime, Chocolate, Pink and H2O :D
Hair - Maitreya
OW Thigh-Hi Fishnets with garters
Earrings - Redgrave
Bangles - Jasha
[AddiCt] Keyboard Ring
Skin - Curio
Fur - Redgrave

Lifted Tops..
Ultimate Boots by Pixel Fashion
Chunk Boots from Shiny Things
OW Lifted Tops - Wings, Mint, Bubbly, Graffiti, Bella, NY and Pink :)
Jewelry from monS and Shade Throne
OWThigh-Hi Fishnets with garters
Rosary Tattoo from *SL*
Hair - Maitreya
Ruffled Skirt from Luck Inc.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Playing Hookie!

What a perfect day for playing hookie! Project Themeory inspired me to do this post..such fun "school" outfits this week...I haven't incorporated many of them here since they have been blogged so much these past few days, I tried not to over do it. That doesn't mean I don't love em tho! :)

I would so wear these sneaks from COCO in real cute are they! this group gift from Arisaris - these overalls are such a nice gift! You can grab it at the mainstore, just be sure to join the group :) cuteness!

These heeled sneaks from Ninety Nine are so adorable, and laces are color change for more options :D so great for mixing and matching.

I wanted to include something a little more chic so hope I achieved that here..
As always Maitreya shoes never disappoint, and I can usually find a way to work them into any outfit. The bag is from tres blah, and I just love it with only if it had money in it for me..then I would go shopping! xD I dunno how chic the pencil in my mouth is, but I just couldn't part with it, lol.

I thought this outfit from [Soup] was so adorable when I saw it, and I was right :D I did have some fitting issues with the bottom part..I guess my friends are right to tease me about me huge arse lol Anyway..I did manage to get it to work after all :D

Song for the day...Uffie Pop the Glock - enjoy!

The majority of my time is spent adding links to each I have decided to include a list of my slurls on the sidebar of the blog instead of adding links every time. I want to be able to blog more often, and this will save a lot of time so I can!

Because I just added these links from my own notes..some might be outdated at the moment. I have started checking them to make sure they are accurate but I haven't made my way through them all yet, so please be patient with me :D That said, if anyone knows of any that are not valid, please don't hesitate to send me an IM in world. I will be happy to send you the proper landmark and will fix the slurl accordingly :)

Thanks guys!

In all pics
*Boof* Pencil in mouth
[Soup} So! Black - gloves
Jewelry - P! and NSD
Hair .:Ari:.
Glasses - Duboo* (previous gift)
Skin Curio
.:Naive:. Double Socks (except last outfit)

Outfit 1
*COCO* Wedge Sneaker
*League* Thermal Skirt
Beetlebones Freebie Blazer (in store)
RED Wub Plaid Bag
"P!" Stutter Earring
SF Design tie with white collar
*COCO* Sleeveless Blouse
Keyboard Ring from AddiCt (Project Themeory)

Outfit 2
o! Basic Tube Bra in Teal
Overalls - Arisaris Group Gift (join group to buy)
GrungeInk Rocker Tat
Vinyl Necklace from Salsa!
Sixty Nine Converse Sneaks

Outfit 3
*Boom* cuffed Socks
ChiChi Pumps from Maitreya
*Crazy* Grey Leather Jacket
Bangles - Armidi Gisaci
-tb- Ruffle Purse
fri. Loop Necklace
P! Labyrinth Earring
*Boom* Ms. Popular Skirt (Project Themeory)
Top - Emery

Outfit 4
Outfit - [Soup] SAki* lonely
Shin Boots - *League*

Photable by Tuft