Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Something New!

New sweaters from Onyx Wear..4 colors - black, brown, white and lilac :) Cozy but still sexy! I love the texture and the cut. 

There are 2 options - simple cowl neck and "money" neck shown here..so cute!

Song for today..Something New by Andra, a singer songwriter from Zimbabwe. Check it out..

What I am wearing..
:OW: Zachte Sweater Brown
Kik - Hair
Modest Jean Capris from Cynful
Shade Throne Bangle
Skin - Lara
Pepper - Color Me Belt
:OW: Double Flick Nails
N-Core SENSE 2 Heels
Lipstick MyNerva

:OW: Zachte Sweater White
Exile - Hair

:OW: Zachte Sweater Lilac
Hair - Kik

:OW: Zachte Sweater Black
Hair - Exile

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