Friday, December 31, 2010 we come!

Well..this is officially my last post of 2010..see ya next year! ..just wanted to show this dress from Kyoot for 50L Fridays...comes in 2 versions..


Hair - Truth
Vodka Mini from Kyoot - 50L Fridays
[e] Move Pumps
The Sea HOle - Painted on lether pants metalic silver
A&A Fashion dux silver flexi earrrings
fri. Cinch belt
black Sheep Bangles from .::FabulouS::.
U&R  Dogs Rigoleto Necklace
Gisaci Journey Tweed Slacks in Metallic

Calling all Snowbunnies!

The Snowbunnies Hunt starts today @ Onyx Mall! 

Here are some of the items...

Snatch - Bunny Outfit with hood and ears - SNowbunny Hunt Item
Hair - Rezlpsa Loc - Snowbunny Hunt Item
Swooped Steater from ATOMIC (under dress) 
skin - Lara

KIM - Dress - Snowbunny Hunt Item
Armwarmers with nails/rings and Earmuffs [v/insanity] - Snowbunny Hunt Item
Hair - !lamb
[pom.pon] snowflake in mouth
*GF* Long Fur Cuff Boots in white
*linc* low cut jeans in white
Shrug - LaFooFoo 

OW Cardigan - Snowbunny Hunt Item
Bra - Digital Bath - Snowbunny Item (part of outfit)
Hair with hat - Iren - Snowbunny Hunt Item
T.whore - wool leggings
OW Leopard Knit Scarf (from sweater eleven dress)
*GF*Long Fur Boots in black
Hucci Tweed Skirt

[ancayi] Knit Dress with hood - Snowbunny Hunt Item
insanya - Hair with hat - Snowbunny Hunt Item
t.whore - wool leggings
*GF*Long Fur Boots in black


Friday, December 10, 2010

TGIF - still survivin' :)

Lotsa goodies I wanted to post today..check 'em out!

Song for today..

What I am wearing..
Fishy Strawberry Cuddle Maxipull - Sweater only
T.Whore - Vintage High Skirt
T.Whore Neglige Intimate Bitch
OW Knit Legging leopard
OW Knit Scarf (part of Sweater Eleven Dress)
Love Zombie Lace Gloves
tram lips earrings pink
KAO - Suede Fringe Boots - pink
Make Up - Garage
Skin - Lara

T.Whore Sexy Cardigan, Vintage High Skirt, and Neglige Colors Black
Reek - Cozy Mittens
Mstyle Ribbon Belt
Hair - [e] Horizon
Skin - Lara
Makeup - Garage
SMS Skinny Jeans Ripped
TOSL Sweater Wellies
Neck Piece - Remember Me from Ingenue - FTLO Festival (comes in a 5 pack)

OW Sweater Eleven Dress (dress, belt and tights - scarf shown above also included)
[Magic Nook} Moon River Earrings and Necklace
Kao- Suede Fringe Boots in black
Make Up - Garage
Skin - Lara
Hair - Le'Boom

Clumsy Poses (Intrigue)
dfo model poses

Me and my furry friends..

I gotta post this, cause I think it is just too cute :)
I was Drunk - Riva Starr

What I am wearing..
*SL* Glamour Gloves
RONSEM Crash Knit Sweater
Relentless Couture Holiday Antlers FTLO hunt
My Snowflake Makeup [Pom.Pon] FTLO hunt - adorable!
tram lips earrings
Skin - Lara
Artilleri Tat
SMS Skinny Jeans - ripped
TOSL Sweater Wellies
Hair - CriCri
Lashes - Glam Affair
Gift Poses by Pom.Pon FLTO Ice Festival - pack of 4 sooo cute!
Fawn and Doe - AAA Sculpty Creations Animals

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


more yummm..

How amazing is this make up! It's free from La Malvada Mujer (tp to the skybox, other free items there too like this scarf, mitts and hat, including the skybox - not shown)..

Video for today..this awesome tune by Martin Solveig & it!

What I am wearing (Sisely)..

tram fox fur leg warmers (gray)
La Malvada Mujer - Scarf, gloves and Make Up
(nova ) Sevilla Boots
Skin - Lara
MonS Bangle
[ATOMIC] Swooped Knit Dress
Hair -
Tat - artilleri
Leggings - T.Whore
Lashes - Mustache

OW Sweater - Burgundy
Leggings - T.Whore
tram fox leg warmers (gray)
(nova) Sevilla Boots
Blacklace Mink Fur Black
La Malvada Mujer - Snowhat, gloves and Make Up
Hair - Ploom (edited)
Cheap Make Up (eyes)
Scarf - Onyx Wear - part of hunt outfit starting Dec 10 (Happy Holidays from..Hunt)

Friday, December 3, 2010


Well winter has arrived here in rl..we have snow and it is a tad chilly - just a tad, lol. I know Canada is sometimes criticized for its cold snowy weather, but I have to say...I love it! Not only is the snow beautiful, but there is nothing like dressing warm and cozy (and of course fashionable), heading outside and watching it there is always the option of hot chocolate when you return :) Winter on sl is just as fun, lots of beautifully snowy sims, and adorably cozy outfits! 

I have to say I was so hesitant to let go of Emerald a few months ago, but the make up options definitely rock - rosy cheeks eye shadows and liners added over fav skins is the bomb! not so easy to see in these pics..but the eye shadow I am wearing from cheap make up is awesome :)

Kanye West - Coldest Winter..even though I was kinda turned off him for a while given his behavior at the awards, there is no denying his talent.

What I am wearing (Sisely)
D!va Fur Hat - Group Gift
Reek - Cozy Mittens
T.Whore Wool Leggings
Romantic Sweater - *DP* yumyum
D!va Hair - group gift
Skin - Curio
Atomic 2.0 Victim Make Up
SEY Layer's Boots
Tee*fy Spha's Big Warmer - TDR Blue

][AV][ Red Cape - Lucky Board
tram Leg Warmers 2
tram doctors bag (small)
Spirit Store - Long Leggings
LoQ Hairs Tequilla TDBR Exclusive
Cheap Make Up Bright Lights 6
Lara Skin - Aimee
[glow] studio Black Shadow Earring TDR Blue
Romantic sweater in navy from *DP* yumyum
J's Ankle Boots in red

..any questions please feel free to send me an IM in world! Have a great day - huggies!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

You make me feel so..

These Sevilla low boots from Nova are one of my favs right now - they go with literally everything! The coat is a group gift and definitely worth the trip - so cute. I am wearing the mens version since I got some meat on my bones, lol..and in the ladies version everything was just poppin out :-P I gotta say most things on sl are made for beanpoles and anyone bigger than a stick has to adjust either the item or change shape, so I was happy this came in 2 versions :)

Song for of my fav mashups by Party Ben - check it out! you might feel like dancin' too! :)

What I am wearing (Sisely)

Lucente Coat Brown (group gift - free to join) here there are a few other freebies too
Reek - Cozy Mittens
Brown Leggings from Denim No. 30 outfit (veronica)
Spirit Store - Magelina Skirt2
Nova - Sevilla low boots in Espresso
Hat - *RibboN* Animal Casquette (from gatcha)
Moxie Socks (Maitreya)
Skin Lara
Make Up - Atomic 2.0 Victim Make Up (Eyes Only)
Hair - Maitreya
fri. Halter Vest
*LacieCakes* Symphony Necklace (in mouth)
*Linc* Ruffled Cuffs
*Boom* Wrong size Cardi - in white

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Time to Give it up!

Well, I am "sort of" back from a hiatus from SL..and I definitely missed everyone! I had a lot of things going on in rl and just couldn't make it on sl, but hopefully my appearances won't be so sporadic from now on. :) fingers crossed!

Loving this Hat and leg warmers from tram..with the new clogs from Shiny Things..

Adorable earrings...also from tram and they come in 6 colors :) This skin is the hunt item from Lara Skin..added with black eyeshadow from {Z} I am also wearing the new shoes from Maitreya, Moxie, as I am sure you have seen all over the blogs lately.

Give It Up by The Goodmen..awesome tune - haven't heard this in a while..

What I am wearing (Sisely)

1.Modd. G Lori Gloves
tram fox fur hat
Hair - Truth
tram fox legwarmers
Shiny Things - Candy Clogs (new)
[glow] studio The Abyss Earrings
Skin [Al Vulo] Pin Up group gift found here
{Z} Black Eyeshadow
Shampooo Fur Vest
[Shade Throne] Heroin Bracelets
AMD Jennifer Dress
Happy FInds Tiger Dancer Necklace (Red Packet Hunt)

2.:OW: Waist-Hi Belt V2
T.Whore Neglige Colors Gray (new)
Hair - Truth
tram chiffon ribbon necklace
tram lips Earrings
Maitreya Gold - Moxie Coal (new)
Skin - Lara With Love From..
(WY) Cell Block Blazer
{Z} Black Eyeshadow

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just The Way It Is..

Maitreya has new hair! This is just one of the 4 new styles released and although I love 'em all..this one is my favorite - Lila. of my fav things right now is this Electro Belt from Suicidal is color change and mod :)

Eric Chase - The Way it is..
You may recognise this song..was previously released from Bruce Hornsby and 2Pac released his own rendition, called Changes.

What I am wearing (Sisely)..
fishnets from Shush (previous hunt item)
Elctro Belt from Suicidal Unborn
[Mandala] 7LUCK Bracelets
Gypsy Gift Tattoo from Para Designs (free)
99Shirt Crystal Elephants
SiniStyle Taped Fist
kboots from TREADS @ Exile
(NS) Rock n'Rolla Guitar Chain
[glow] smudged tear

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stripped...why don't you?

..Showing some serious skin today, even more than usual, lol. I really wanted to wear something that showed off a little bit of this new bra from the Luxuria line @ 5th & Oxford (just released this week). Truth continues to pump out new hairstyles, what seems to be every week, and this is one of the newest styles - Kelsey. Alike a lot of the new releases, it too has streak options.

Atomic skin is continuing to be a favorite skin of mine, and I love it with the tears tat make up from Glam Affair.
It was a bit of an adjustment for me giving up emerald for the new viewer, as I was a true emerald fan, but the tattoo options with V2 definitely make up for it.

Gramophonedzie - Why Don't You
..loveeee the mix of modern beats with more traditional jazzy..check it out :) cool video

What I am wearing (Sisely)..
IZUMIYA Set20 Jacket
fishnets - SHUSH
Cobrahive Ring
Hair - Truth (new)
Luxuria Dot Bra
SiniStyle Taped Fist
[Sassy Kitty] Oops Skirt only
(NS) Guitar Chain
Mad About You Belly Ring DV8

Thursday, September 23, 2010


..mixing in some vintage with my everyday wear..
As soon as I put on the pearls, everything else just seemed to fall into layer at a time.

Song for the day...Whatchagwando by Vancouver quintet Goodbye Beatdown- check it out!

What I am wearing (Sisely)..

Paris metro: SheLether & Studded Belt (from outfit)
LaGyo - Sheild Rings
Kyoot- INfinite Ache vest
Kyoot - Low Back Ruffle Mini Dress (bottom)
Gisaci - Dans la Ville Blouse
Hair - Kookie - Kate Hair
COCO Bow Shirt
*UB* Hated Jeans
*AA* (atelier AM) pearl lariet pearl necklace
Skin - Lara
J's ankle Boots Round

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Heading out of town..

Holiday by a band from London called The King this tune ;)

What I am wearing (sisely)
Painted metallic pants - Sea Hole
Emery - Roxe Jacket
Emery - Candy Top
A&ANA Geometric Earrings
Lara Skin
PM - Ultimate Boots
Hair - EMO-tions big in japan hair (free gift)
BC Necklace from [icon]
[addiCT] Keyboard Ring (previous project themeory)
[Fairy Tail] Ring
Gwen Gloves
magi take Suitcase

Heart in the night..

..faced with the mid-week blues..this is my look for today - a lil' subdued with some added sparkle...

I am a big fan of Bedouin Soundclash, so song for today..Hearts in the Night :)

What I am wearing (Sisely)..
Gwen Gloves - Glam Affair (from outfit)
{Gisaci} Brindisi Slacks
OW: Waist-Hi Belt v2
Crazy - Elsa Shirt
[glow[ White Diamond Passion Square Earrings
Mstyle Dome Ring
Lara SKin
[ATOMIC] Ritsy Blazer from Diamond Hunt
J's Round Boots
Maitreya le.look! La Femme Hat
[AddiCt] Bitch heart Necklace