Monday, March 29, 2010

A Little Obscene..

Hey! Hope everyone had a great weekend! It's hard to believe that March is coming to a close and Easter is almost upon us..seems as if the winter has flown by. Although I do miss the snow is so nice to have more sunshine :)

Song for today is Night by Night by Chromeo..check it out!

..stumbled into The Obscene yesterday and found some amazing lingerie..

The first one is the Geranium Gold set..

Thyme Quartz..

Glam Nu worn with glitter (opening gift from Obscene)..


and last but not least the Cyprium set..

All pics are taken in the Starry Night Photable by La Petite Morte

Hair by Detour, Posh & LeLutka
netted stocking by Khush
opaque stockings by Apple May from tiered outfit
Boots by Pixel Fashion - Ultimate Boots

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Show - LeLUltra and O!

Runway awesomeness..checked out the LeLUltra shop at LeLutka today..what goodies I found..check it out.

Song for the day..Simple Attraction by Luxe (newly released this month)

In all pics..
Tallulah Hair (LeLutka)
Infinity Earrings from *everglow*
Skin - Braelyn from [the obscene] (gift)
Saffron Pumps (Two-Toned Sand/Black) from LeLutka
Diram Gloves from Grace Outfit

Start the show..
LeLUltra Divina Gown in nude..(worn with pants from the Panic Outfit)

O! Silhouettes Light..

O! Silouettes Contour...

LeLUltra Prison Skirt (long and short version)..

worn with the Argon Jacket..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So Many Yummy Styles...

..been a busy week for me..March Break here in Canada, so finally some time for a post :)

Check out this tune for today..Florence & The Machine - Drumming Song..

So so so many great styles is what it should be called...lots of hawt new stuff. Let me show you..

{SMS} Chiffon Skirt - new!
{SMS} Easy Tank Red
fri. Cinch Belt (Gold)
fri. Mustard Pumps
{SMS} Open Cardigan Gray - new!
plus+ Square Bangle
Hair - Truth
Skin - Belleza
{SMS} Pearl Necklace Red
KHUSH - netted stockings (with undies)
Paradisis - The Student Socks from outfit
Gloves - Glam Affair - Gwen (from outfit)

These babydoll dresses are absolutely adorable and can be worn in so many different ways..I have shown them on their own here or with the cardigans, but there are so many other ways they can be worn - so versatile. Just adorable! I have worn the feather collar in almost all the pics..and it seems to go beautifully with everything...

{SMS} Feather Collar
{SMS} Neon Babydoll in black - new!
{SMS} Open Cardigan Grey - new!
Hair - Magika
Shoes - Maitreya the blue, what an amazing color!

{SMS} Neon Babydoll in blue
{SMS} Feather Collar
{SMS} Open Cardigan in Grey
Hair - fri.
Shoes - Maitreya
Ticky Tack Bangles
~Sigma~ Lotusbud Earrings - new!

{SMS} Tweed pants 7/8
{SMS} Open Cardigan in blue
Elate High Waisted Belt (jacket layer)
[glow] Fatale Earrings

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day! hoohaaa!

..just a quick post to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

Not sure if any of you know but I am half Irish and half Scottish from the east coast of Canada in Nova Scotia - woot! Before I had kids, tonight was the night I relished in green beer and pretty much drank until I couldn't walk (but never enough so I couldn't talk or laugh at myself, lol) - scary I know but us Irish/Scottish peeps sure can handle our beer, lol. It might be genetic or something..who knows..haha

I really want to share a couple songs..songs I pretty much grew up listening to:) Fiddling was a big part of my heritage and my hope you enjoy!

I raise my green beer and cheers to all fellow Irish and cheers to those of you who like to party with us! xD

What I am wearing (Sisely)..

*fringe Dress
Because leggings
Hair - Mustache
Lelutka Pumps
KLZ Designs - Shamrock Nails (free from here)
. Mini Me . dollarbie Clover
+mocha+ Loose Socks - Plain Dirty
In Pic..Alaris Self Comforter (chair) clover print (free from here)

Hair - Mustache
*UB* Metallic Leggin
Skin - .:relentless couture:.
S&S clovertapes
::YaYo:: Neck Tattoo
Make a Wish Clover (in hand) from Th!ngs & Th!ngs from Xstreet here

Hair - Maitreya
Lelutka Saffron Pumps
::YaYo:: neck and hand Tattoo
::YaYo:: Covered in Clovers Tankdress from here
Lara Skin
Mini Me Clover in mouth

-IW- Patty's Girl Gift Outfit
Hair - Maitreya
Lelutka Saffron Pumps
::YaYo:: neck and hand Tattoo
Lara Skin

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

..a lil something somethin'

Song for today..All The Right Moves by OneRepublic..

The new PoPcoRn dresses, hair from Mustache, and the Lace Tanks from them all! I figured I would mix and match them up and see what happens :) The lace detailing on both the dresses and the tanks are incredible - so sweet but yet very sexy..what a great combination - Enjoy!

What I am wearing (Sisely)..

Glam Affair Gloves (Gwen Outfit)
.:PoPcoRn:. Ripped Lace Minidress in Blue (new!)
Chunkie Boots from Shiny Things
Tats - Pop Fuzz & *SL* Rosary (now Luck Inc.)
Hair - Mustache
Khush - Black Tights
Lara Skin
Paradisis Socks (from The Student outfit)
Mandala Bangles

Lace Tank from OW (Camo) (new!)
.:PoPcoRn:. Ripped Lace Minidress in black (skirt only)
Belt from Indi Designs

Lace Tank from OW (black) (new!)
.:PoPcoRn:. Ripped Lace Minidress in yellow (skirt only)
Belt from Indi Designs

.:PoPcoRn:. Ripped Lace Minidress in Pink (new!)

Lace Tank from OW (black)
.:PoPcoRn:. Ripped Lace Minidress in pink (skirt only)
Belt from Indi Designs

Lace Tank from OW (pink dots)
Luck Inc. Ruffled Skirt in black

Monday, March 15, 2010

There's Something About Diram..

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I had a great weekend away in rl. The weather is really getting warm..and here you thought we lived in igloos up here in Canada all year round - *winks* Well I assure you most of them are melting by now :)

Song for the day...This is my life by Edward Maya..

There's something about Diram..

I haven't really looked around this store before..but I will tell you it was hard not to spend every linden and buy up the whole place! Some awesome, detailed and unique stuff..

I have only posted a few of the many amazing outfits..check it out.

One thing I really love is the use of gloves and accessories in all these outfits. All these outfits come with gloves, and some with necklaces, belts and/or leggings. It is ridiculous.. (and yes I say that in a good way). They really have thought of everything to make the outfits just perfect. The bustiers are so detailed and with a bit of sizing will fit any bust line.

I absolutely love the vibrant..especially the red and gold combination.

The mask seen in these 2 pics is also from Direm..I love the mystery it adds to the outfits.

What I am wearing (Sisely)..

Outfit 1
Diram Grace - white
Ultimate Boots from Pixel Fashion
Belt - Nyte n Day
-IC- leggings wool dark
Skin Lara
MrS Crimped Hair

Outfit 2
Diram - Gaga Dirty Rich
LaGyo Inflames Earrings
LaGyo Captured Necklace
Lelutka Saffron Pumps
Le Soutien (Bra from Grace outfit above)
Hair - :HCT: Vanessa
Lara Skin
..::TD::.. Fearless Fishnet Leggings (no slurl atm)

Outfit 3
Diram NOA in red outfit
Lelutka Pumps in Red
GaNKeD Rocklove Necklace
LaGyo Inflames Earrings
Hair - :HCT: Nalirra
Lara Skin
Amel Mask from Diram

Outfit 4
Diram Paige Dress
LaGyo Chained Silver Earrings
LaGyo Captured Bracelet
Biaistice Destructrural Unkleboots (the future is now event - now over)
Hair - Magika Aurora
Lara Skin
- N - Druid Tights

Outfit 5
Diram Rozana Outfit
Biaistice Destructrural Unkleboots (the future is now event)
-N- Beggar Earrings
Gloves from Grace Outfit
(Epoque Hair) Fashion Pop in Black
*Sheer* Leggings - Zebra (free)
Lara Skin
Magika Hair Jaime in Blonde
LaGyo Rare Headpiece