Monday, February 7, 2011

..Let's Go ALL The Way

Well, we meet yet another Monday..

My weekend was sooo busy, so unlike most of you..I kinda welcome Mondays :) 
Today I want to show you some stoof from Randomocity..a store that is quite new to me. 
You can roll around in the mud (always fun) or partake in some "bloody" altercations with these mud and bloody packs. They include makeup layers for the entire body - basically any layer or wound you might need for either encounter!
Here, I am showing the muddy face and legs, and bloody face matched with the Apocalypse Dress (torn), and torn socks in black. 

Apocalypse Dress (torn) in pink..such a nice shade of pink too :)

One of the two group gifts at the moment, Light Olive Rifle well there is a blue-ish Apocalypse Dress available for group members (same as above dresses but in a diff color) - both found here.

Song for today...takin' it old school yet again! Sly Fox - Let's Go All The gotta rem this song, lol.

What I am wearing (Sisely)
++Randomocity++ Apocalypse Dress - Torn Black
++Randomocity++ Muddy Legs
++Randomocity++ Eye Loss Wounds Tat Just Bloddy
++Randomocity++ Torn Black Socks
Hair - Exile
Bite Size Rosary (mouth) from Skream
Spiked Hoops from Skream
Lashes - Onyx Wear (OW)
Skin - Lara
Bracelets - 7Luck from Mandala
Emery biker jacket from Ringleader outfit
Linc finger tapes
Rosary Tat from Linc
UBU Pirate Rain Boots
EY:NO Star Tapes Tat (upper) from last weekend's Lazy Sunday

++Randomocity++ Apocalypse Dress - Torn Pink
++Randomocity++ Muddy Legs and face
Hermony Leather Jacket in Black

++Randomocity++ Tank Top - Light Olive Rifle (Group Gift)
++Randomocity++ Apocalypse Dress in Black (bottom only)

Poses by Glitterati, [Zombie Fetus], and xbordeaux

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