Monday, December 21, 2009

Smexy Holiday Goodies (Part 1 - Sisely)

Where to start..this post is jam packed with some of my favorite smexy stuff for the holidays...
The first one, and one of my favorites, cause it is so pretty and the gift from Fishy Strawberry called Ignition in Red.

Cocoa is served..

I am so in love with Blacklace lingerie this season..there are some really adorable sets that are hard to resist. The texture is amazing, and they are so well made. Also, all lingerie from Blacklace is giftable, which is so convenient for the holidays.

This sofa was a dollarbie (well I think I paid 20L) from [S.LOVES] a little while back. It has multiple poses and definitely worth the 20L. They have tons of cute poses in-store too., so go check them out. =)

This cute candy cane bra and panties is from Lime Crime - gift in-store called Holiday Freebies =)

This one is a group gift from Seldom Blue..join the group Eternity Brides and Seldom Blue and go to notices..

Fishy Strawberry's Marshmallow Lingerie Set in red..

On thing I did want to mention, and this is not specific to this post. We know that it is so easy to tp to a place, join the subscribe-o-matic, get your gift and then unsibscribe. But seriously, this is rude to the creators who work so hard on these gifts and discourages other creators from being so generous. It doesn't take up group spots, so why not just allow the creator to send out notices, which is in fact the purpose of the subscribo in the first place =)

Sisely's Lingerie

Outfit 1
Fishy Strawberry Ignition Lingerie in red (gift in-store)
Shoes - Verve Pumps from Maitreya (worn with all the outfits)
Hair -
Garter from Sheer Garter Set
I<3 Rien Natural Girl Tattoo
Elf Skin Gift from Curio (worn with all Sisely's outfits)
Fatale Earrings from [Glow Studio]
Ring - BBD Crystal Rose Ring

Outfit 2
Blacklace - Diva: Ruby Satin & Lace Bra Lingerie Set
*Sheer* Stockings Fishnet Black

OPutfit 3
Blacklace - Holiday Collection: Mistletoe Bear & Garter Set
Hair - ::69:: Terre B
Stars Tattoo from Tuli

Outfit 4
Hair - Terre ::69::
CandyCane Lingerie top & panties - *LC* Holiday Freebies
*Sheer* Garter Set

Outfit 5
Seldom Blue Christmas Lingerie Group Gift (Kira)
Hair - ETD - Abigail
*Epic* Fantasy Oral Fixation Homemade Snowflake Choco Lolli in mouth - Dollarbie in-store

Outfit 6
Fishy Strawberry Lingerie - Marshmallow - Red Set
Hair - ETD - Abigail

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