Wednesday, October 12, 2011

..and it feels like jealousy

Hello people!
I just wanted to show you this cute dress from SHUSH at the XY Room...only 75L. There are some other cute things there too, so head down there. also comes with the belt :)

Song for today - one of my fave' gotta have a listen! :) I dunno what it is about this song but I just can't seem to hear it enough.
Will Young - jealousy

What I am wearing (Sisely)..

[S] Fishnet vibrant dress (with belt) - XY Room here
P! Fuck Off Necklace
IMNU Boots - Concrete Flowers
Skin - al vulo
Make Up - Damned (eyes + lips) Tribal
:OW: Wraith Upper Eye Lashes
Miel Troupe Watch
Coloreta's June Gift Cartoon Love Tat
Hair - Lelutka
erratic fishnets wide
Mandala Milky Way Earrings
:OW: Arcade Nails - coming soon
Upper Tat 2 - Glue Ink. No Regrets
Pose by synt.

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