Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rotten Toes..

I stumbled on this cutie outfit as I was wandering around today...the shorts and top are from Rotten Toe and only 50L each! There is an assortment of other styles and colors too ;) There is a box with mod ruffles for the shorts so when u grab a pair, be sure to buy the box for 0L.

I saw this skin in several blogs over the past couple days..but everytime I tried to get it, I ended up waiting sooo long. S is a rare letter for lucky boards - uff! But today..I waited about 10 mins and S finally came up - yay! I am really happy because it is a such a sweet skin. :) fyi...R and D come up a lot, lol. Check here.

I wanted to show a close up of these cutie doll shorts..the dolls in the pockets are absolutely priceless! :)
!RT (rotten toe) - cutie doll shorts
!RT (rotten toe) - Torn corset salmon
*Kookie* Armada boots with warmers
Maitreya Allure socks
Smexy Make up (lucky board)
Hair - emo-tions
tat - Lotus tat from doll - new!
Pink !nc - Goody Bangle
pinkie skull arm warmers with nails
*Just You* Pocket Ecstacy Necklace - new!
Thermos Flask from Kue!
Vest - *Epic* Down in pink (from previous hunt)
Poses from So Many Styles

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