Friday, May 21, 2010

Newness today!

New dresses, hair and overalls!

When I got the update from Truth today about the new hair, I tped to the shop immediately. Boy was it jammed - and for good reason! This hair is awesomeeee ;) Each pack comes with the normal colors, as well as the streaked.

Blaine Dresses from SK Designs - sold in a pack of 3 and sold for only 150L - black, turquoise, and garnet. I love it so much I didn't change for 3 days, lol.

Grunge Overalls from Noirilicious..
The green version is the group gift for May, but I also bought the blue and grey pack :) So cute!

oh...before I forget..someone made a comment on their blog about a swimsuit I modelled for a shop...basically saying the suit was cute, but they wished my boobs were smaller. I just wanna say - they are my boobs and I love ' it and take a pic of urself in it if that is your preference - instead of complaining about mine! :-P The great thing about SL is that we can be any size and shape we want to be - power to the BOOBIES! :-P

Blaine Dress from SK designs
Hair - Truth (new!)
Skin - CandyDoll
Chunky Boots from Shiny Things
Skrem! Eyecorner studs
Urbanity - u broke me necklace
A&Ana Diamond Square Earrings
*Ticky Tack* Hoppty Hoops of Love Bangles
KHUSH - netted socks
actchio - lotus tat
mps! arm-wraps

Grunge Overalls - green (May gift) and blue from Noirilicious

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