Tuesday, May 18, 2010


..just my random outfit today :)

Aren't these capris just darling? I love the fit, the texture and the cutie little belt buckle. It is low and sexy in the front but still covers my goodies in the back. I am not a huge fan of the pants/jeans that show 70% of ur butt. I just don't get it..why bother wearing pants? lol I mean sneak a peak, ok..I get that. But some of the pants being released lately are just ridiculous - even for sl!

..loving the new jewelry - LP vs Garage. These are the connected earrings - colorful and funky.
Skin is from the Alternative Fair from Iren - love the drama of the eyes :)

K - I want to share this video..love the beat to the song (stomp, stomp) and its definitely entertaining, lol. Check it out..
Coffee Shop by Yung Joc feat. Gorilla Joe..

Young Joc - Coffee Shop

TRACKFIENDS.NET | MySpace Music Videos

*FakE* Punky Shorts
LP vs Garage - Connected Earrings
KowP Simple Nose Ring
Duh! Sneaker Boots
W&Y Hair 115
Pinkie Skull Arm wraps
Naive - Double Socks
Tats - Iruru Symmetry (lower), AITUI Star Stratus (upper), Rosary Tat (Upper)
Crop Cupcakes Tee from LaPush
Skin - Iren - Alternative Fair

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