Monday, April 18, 2011

Rolling in the deep..

New stuff from Admiral Spicy..
I love this little store..and always look forward to when new stuff is released..
Today, I am wearing Admiral Spicy skin called Emma (reasonably priced at 799 for 5 makeups with cleavage or no cleavage versions), the new Strap It dress (as shirt) and the Hawteh Top underneath. For some reason, I am totally into fishnet these days..

My jeans are the signature jeans from (love) and I love all the colors - shown here is coal wash!

Some Adele today..Rolling in the her voice - enjoy!

What I am wearing..
Skin - Admiral Spicy! Emma
Admiral Spicy! Strap It!
Admiral Spicy Hawteh Top
Gloves - PARADISIS (from Bad Trip)
Tats - YaYo Heart Tat and MonS Tattoo Whum (group gift)
Belt - Spiked Black from Poison
Purple Bag - 1L from Poison
Jeans - Signature Denim from (love)
Hair Dernier Cri - Taylor

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