Tuesday, April 12, 2011


another quickie...sl is slammin for me lately! After all this time, I should be able to pop out posts from my arse by now, lol. Unfortunately, I do like to take my time..which means not as many posts as usual lately.

Hope you enjoy!

Song for today..hot tune..Coastin' by a hip hop duo from Cali - Zion I..

What I am wearing..

Skin - Lara (new)
:OW: Double Flick Nails from marketplace here
Fuk'N'HawT Fishnet Skirt
Style X Hoodie from Light BLue Pants Outfit NR. 130
Maitreya Old Leather Belt
P! Loca Earrings
Garage Makeup
Wicked Tattoos
bubble Collar
Hair - *HS* RIRI (be sure to hit up the lucky boards while u are here..some real cute styles!)
Pig Duotone Mit Suspenders
*blowpop* Fishnets
Eyecorner Studs from Skream! (no longer available)

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