Sunday, April 3, 2011

a perfect gentleman?

Me as the
We had a pimps n' hoes event at Club Onyx this week and this was my look. My ho name was Fine Ass McGlide...nice right? lol. It is always fun to bring out the hooch in ourselves once in a while :) I tried to keep my look somewhat classy but hella sexy..check it out!

Song for today..Wyclef - Perfect Gentleman. Wyclef is up there as one of my favs - there is not one song I don't love (or have in my playlist). I felt this post was the perfect excuse to include this song..enjoy!

Wyclef Jean - Perfect Gentleman by paleopale

What I am wearing..
FuK'N'HawT - Corset Top Fishnet
:OW: Gracie Skirt Dark Zebra - marketplace here
:OW: Double-Flick B&W Rings Nails - marketplace here
Senjyu Earrings by Mandala
Bracelet Bry Gold from RYCA
Bax Prestige Boots Gold
Wicked Tattoos - Destiny
[love zombie] Armed and Ready Tat
Skin - Lara
(NO) Supa Dupa Frames in black
Hair - Mirai Style Jule
[bS] Shape Halifax

Poses by Glitterati, xbordeaux and Nox.

Club Onyx is an awesome club in sl - be sure to check it out. Events daily @ 7-9 and 9-11pm slt. It is located at the Onyx Mall - home of Onyx Wear and many other great stores!