Thursday, March 28, 2013

James Bond Gone Mad..

We did it!! :) bammmmm
I only died like 20 times eaten by venus flytraps, melted in lava, beaten up by some statues, played a tune with a skull's teeth, blew up some doors, solved some puzzles, found some treasures, and now its time to bid my partner farwell like a bossss lols
Seriously, had a blast, and was sad to see the end! We ripped shit up yo.
Mad props to the organisers on this one, great job!
Here's us wearing some of our awesome prizes..

On Durr..

S H I Leather belt with suspenders - new!
 Jeans - AITUI - Tokyo Low Sag

From MadPea (Prizes)
(INCA) Bryn Oh Bunnyface
(INCA) Loki Mesh Explorers Backpack and gold pendant
(INCA) Fallen Gods - Full Body Tattoo
(Kaaos) Armband

On Me..

S H I Bikini Top (group gift in store)
Gos Triumph Boots
Hair - Maitreya (with hat)
Bangles - Mess Bangles - EY:NO
Skirt - Cynful
Belt and suspenders - S H I - new!

From MadPea (Prizes) (INCA)
Loki Mesh Explorers Backpack
YRB Bond Girl Gun (with pose)
The adventure starts here! All you need is the HUD, the torch, and some free time! :)

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