Friday, December 31, 2010

Calling all Snowbunnies!

The Snowbunnies Hunt starts today @ Onyx Mall! 

Here are some of the items...

Snatch - Bunny Outfit with hood and ears - SNowbunny Hunt Item
Hair - Rezlpsa Loc - Snowbunny Hunt Item
Swooped Steater from ATOMIC (under dress) 
skin - Lara

KIM - Dress - Snowbunny Hunt Item
Armwarmers with nails/rings and Earmuffs [v/insanity] - Snowbunny Hunt Item
Hair - !lamb
[pom.pon] snowflake in mouth
*GF* Long Fur Cuff Boots in white
*linc* low cut jeans in white
Shrug - LaFooFoo 

OW Cardigan - Snowbunny Hunt Item
Bra - Digital Bath - Snowbunny Item (part of outfit)
Hair with hat - Iren - Snowbunny Hunt Item
T.whore - wool leggings
OW Leopard Knit Scarf (from sweater eleven dress)
*GF*Long Fur Boots in black
Hucci Tweed Skirt

[ancayi] Knit Dress with hood - Snowbunny Hunt Item
insanya - Hair with hat - Snowbunny Hunt Item
t.whore - wool leggings
*GF*Long Fur Boots in black


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