Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stripped...why don't you?

..Showing some serious skin today, even more than usual, lol. I really wanted to wear something that showed off a little bit of this new bra from the Luxuria line @ 5th & Oxford (just released this week). Truth continues to pump out new hairstyles, what seems to be every week, and this is one of the newest styles - Kelsey. Alike a lot of the new releases, it too has streak options.

Atomic skin is continuing to be a favorite skin of mine, and I love it with the tears tat make up from Glam Affair.
It was a bit of an adjustment for me giving up emerald for the new viewer, as I was a true emerald fan, but the tattoo options with V2 definitely make up for it.

Gramophonedzie - Why Don't You
..loveeee the mix of modern beats with more traditional jazzy..check it out :) cool video

What I am wearing (Sisely)..
IZUMIYA Set20 Jacket
fishnets - SHUSH
Cobrahive Ring
Hair - Truth (new)
Luxuria Dot Bra
SiniStyle Taped Fist
[Sassy Kitty] Oops Skirt only
(NS) Guitar Chain
Mad About You Belly Ring DV8

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