Wednesday, March 21, 2012

If she was away..

Sorry! It's been a few days since I lasted posted. It was March Break here last week in Canada so took some time off and went away for a few days - a well needed rest!
On to the goodies..

Belote Basic Mini Skirt Leo
FuK N' Hawt Belted Top
Chained Crucifix Earrings - Bellballs essentials
Vive9 Liquid Liners Turqoise
N-Core EMPORIUM Teal - new!
Hair - Truth - new!
blackliquid Makeup - mauve pink gloss
:OW: Babydoll MAX Volume Lashes
Skin - al vulo
TP!B Faith 2 ring
BLITZED Legacy Choker
Ticky Tack Spiked Bangles
Bad Romance The Mouth Cross Tat
:OW: Inv4d3r Cyber Tat
Coloreta's Lace gloves
GoK Sharp Wristband
Mstyle Classic Nails
Necklace - EY:NO TWC and Ring Crucifix

Hair - Magika - new!
Ribbed Tanks - Forever Young
Ultra Mini Skirts - Forever Young
Lamb Tat (lower) - Vestigium
Eyeshadow - Black - Forever Young
Lip Stick - Teal & Black - Forever Young

Lazy today so if u need a LM hit me up in world!
Thanks, Sistine Kristan :)

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