Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Turn it way UP..

check it out!

Song for the moment! Hot tune!
Turn it down by Kaskade with Rebecca and Fiona

What I am wearing (Sisely)...
EDS Moonlight Dress - new! (thank you Jania!) Check out her shop on mp here!
:OW: Waist-Hi Belt
Skin - Lara Hurley Anya Magenta
-tb- Cross Necklace
TP!B 2020 Earring
:OW: Anti-Arcade Nails (with rings) Check out OW on mp here!
Amorous - You Bracelets (free in-store)
Abyss Stompers Black
Erratic - Fishnets
Mandala - Milky Way Choker
[croire] snap clutch
Hair - Magika Tessa
Yayo - Musical Sleeves tat
Lashes - :OW:

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