Monday, June 27, 2011

Losing Control..

 Everyone loves Monday! I have been doing my best to keep up with my blog..and I really hope you don't notice any slackin on my part ;-P
I have been getting lots of IMs in-world about my blog lately, and I just want to say thank you to everyone for your kind words! I really appreciate it. :) Please don't hesitate to contact me in-world for any reason. I love hearing from you and am always willing to make a new friend who shares my love of fashion. So..please don't be shy!
So..moving on..
I found a new shop today which is always exciting! It's called haut monde and the shoes are adorable..
Featured here are just 2 of my faves - Uproar Boots and Bilson Wedges. The Maizi Flats are also still on sale as of right now (from Lazy Sunday) so be sure to grab them before they go back to regular price. They are super cute :)

Song for today..Losing Control by The Nycer feat. Deeci..check it out..

What I am wearing (Sisely)..

Skin - Vulo [TFG] bitu
Kyoot Lacey White Socks
haut.monde Uproar Boots in Blue Cacarau
Emery Square Bangles
[glue ink] Karma Tat
AandANA Jewellry Rings Earrings
[glow] illumine Hairband [TDR]
:OW: Nails - Anti-Flick [basic nails and rings] found here on marketplace
:OW:Teal Glitter Lips Makeup found here at the mainstore
Cynful Tweed Skirt
"OW: Ghost Black Lashes found here on marketplace
Hair - lamb. Heart - Ink
{montissu} Cropped Tank - Off White

{mon tissu} Cropped Tank - Grey
{mon tissu} Gauzy Skirt - Bashful
Lipstick - Mynerva Style 1 pink
Hair - truth - Fiona (new)
Pepper - Color Me Belt
Mandala Milky Way Bangles
haut. monde Bilson Wedges in Honeysuckle
[glow] Wild Feathers Hairband [TDR]

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