Wednesday, September 15, 2010

momo momo momo..

Well sadly, another closing out sale. On the up side..lots of bargains! :) Check 'em out ~ here are just a few..

Tee (I love to say Fuck) and undies 1L from momo

Dress 1L, socks 20L (pack of 4)

Knit Dress 1L

I'm Calling You - Outlandish (this one was suggested to me by Irre and I really like it) i heart u babe :)

What I am wearing (Sisely)..
momo Bowie Undies (1L)
ILoveToSayFuck tee from momo (30L)
Hair - Dernier Cri (Hair Fair)
Electra Face Tat from SU!
Skin - Mynerva

Knit Dress - momo - 1L (closing Sale)
EXODI - Annah Hoop Earrings
[Love Zombie] Lace Gloves
Hair - (Hair Fair)
Skin - Mynerva
Ring - MonS
Boots - TOSL
Neck Tat - DUBOO
Leggings - Laundry Day - DUBOO

Bunny Mini - momo - 1L
Dove Socksies - 20L - momo (pack of 4 colors)
Skin - Mynerva
Classic Moccas - Armidi

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