Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wannabe Ganstar..

A wannabe gangstar, a victim of the chromosome prankster, I thanks ya, I sits back in my chair to contemplate my hair; OOH DAMN, I reak of cologne, but yo I'm lookin' snappy, I'm nappy, I'm crappy, got jimmy hats from pappy, so now I'm trigger happy, Girl did he just rhyme 'crappy' with 'happy'? Yeah, so you girlies wanna get wit this nit wit, got Cheese Whiz or not? lols

*Model Poses* - Sarah 3

bellballs essentials - Hollow Cross Necklace in white
DERP. Cuff Spike Studs
FZaPP Ring
CREDO - Studded Snapback
Red Mint - Hair - Gift No. 7 with tips
(epoque) Secondhand Sweater
MStyle Classic Nails in french
mon tissu Denim Lou Lou
Balkanik Blash Wedges in blue/silver
7891 Mining Earrings here
skin - rehab

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