Friday, January 25, 2013

Right By Your Side..

Wait wait wait, damn there I go again
I be trippin’, I be flippin, I be so belligerent
Man this shit that we be fighting over so irrelevant
I don’t even remember though I was probably hella bent..

Poses Lynette by Label Motion

(on left)
Maitreya Mignon Top in nude
Necklaces - Babette from MG in turquoise/silver
Pink Acid - Freckles and Beauty Mark
FANATIK - Pumps with spikes in Nude
7891 - Mining Earring in gold
7891 Cage Bracelet
:OW: Aktiv Nylons - Aqua Invader
Hair - Exile Waiting for Tonight with Tiara Pin
Glam Affair Studded Clutch in Tuequoise
Chandelle Mesh Skirt DEB (from dress)

(on right)
MOLiCHiNO Mesh Delirium Clutch in blue
erratic Cuff in Gold
RYCA Earrings - HC Gold
RO - Crown of Thorns in white
Olive - the Mr. Me Staching Necklace, Ring and Braceler (SL Fashion Week)
Hair - Ploom Fluster
FANATIK - Pumps with spikes in Cake
NYU Button Back Shirt - Fameshed
erratic Fishnets in white
Piddidle LipLaquer - Sex and Champagne
Pink Acid - Freckles and Beauty Mark

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