Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Take Yer Shirt Off - Undies!

Okkkk, Frank Windlow of OW sent me a sample of these undies a few weeks ago and I have been waiting (not so patiently) for him to release them, lol. I absolutely love them..I love the color/pattern combinations..the lace trim, and of course the nip tapes! Hi5 Frankie :) I wanted so show as many combinations as I could without overwhelming you with 100 pics lol, so here it is..

Also, thanks for my friend Gracie (aka Gravy) for posing in some pics with me! huggies!

Me - Rainbow Stripes 1 undies and Aqua/Purple Nip Tape
Gracie - Rainbow Stripes 2 undies and Aqua/Lime Nip Tape

Me - Aqua/Purple Dots Undies and Aqua/Lime Nip Tape

Me - Pink Leopard Undies and Pink/Purple Nip Tape
Gracie - Hot Stuff Undies

Me - Purple Dots Undies and Purple/Purple Nip Tape

Me - Hello Kitty Undies and Pink/Purple Nip Tape

Me - Aqua/Purple Dots Undies and Aqua/Lime Nip Tape
Gracie - Tinkerbell (Tink2) Undies

Me - Pink Leopard Undies with Pink/Purple Nip Tape
Gracie - Black/White Dots Undies with Black/White Nip Tape

..and oh so fitting..Gravy's pick - Take your shirt off by T-Pain..enjoy!

Skin - Lara
Hair -
Tats - Mother Goose & Pinkie Skull
Bangles - Mandala
Ring Set and necklace in mouth - LaceyCakes
Earrings - glow

Skin Curio Bean
Hair -
Earrings - Pink !nc. - Stutter Earrings
Nails - OW

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