Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Finally a post!

..lovin this new sexy top from unique..

(my Irre tat made from Custom Ink - love it!) You just send them a request and they will make it for you. new husband (Irre) is posing in some of these pics with me..thanks babe :)

Also new, this HOOK set from comes with everything including boots, stockings, pasties, and jewelry (not shown here).

Please don't say my halo is broken, cause I kinda like living in denial! lol

What I am wearing (Sisely)
Kyoot - Beneath my bones (new!)
Mandala 7luck bracelet
Mandala - takara bangle Zebra
Curio Skin
Luck Inc. - Low Cut Jeans
Ankle Boots - J's
Boom - Earrings - Plastic Door Knockas
Hair - Analog Dog

Hair - Analog Dog (longer version)
Pixel - Ultimate Boots
Lingerie Set - Blacklace Hook Outfit