Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It Was All Yellow!

A good friend of mine, Leonie Szczepanski, is having a gallery opening, "It Was All Yellow", tomorrow at 2pm slt. Almost everything in the gallery that she made is for sale, including walls, floor and ceiling. Most of her art uses fractal paintings.

There will also be a prim and particle light show like you have never seen before anywhere by Maidyuk ("Maidy") Axel.

I will be Djing the particle light show (amazing show!) as well as the party afterwards. Please feel free to stop in - the more the merrier!
Oh and wear YELLOW if u can! :-)

Thursday, July 23 @ 2pm slt
Heres the link!
Feel free to send me an IM in world for more information!
(Siselybella Riggles)

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