Thursday, May 23, 2013

Me and My Girlfriend..

TONIGHT at JokeRs Playhouse !
Well, its Thursday again..and that means DJ BellerZ (dats me) is djing live at 10pm slt - Midnight with my jester Spencer. Come join us!
Events start between 12 noon and 2pm slt, and go all night until 2am! Best DJ's in sl! oh ya gurllllll :)

Poses - Tabou Irresistible

On Spencer
suit and shoes - BW Pinstripe - [phunk] here

On Me
TP!B - BIjou Bangles and Necklace
TP!B Vixen Earrings
Gos Custom Sunglasses v3.2
[Pumpkin] The Suit
Heels - NCore Femme
Hair - maitreya - Ymre (with hat) non mesh

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