Friday, April 26, 2013

Thrift Shopping, Pimp Style!

wot, wot, wot...

This is our pic, from last night's event at JokeRs Playhouse - I DJ every Thursday night at 10pm slt - Midnight with my jester Spencer. You should come check it out! Events start between 12 noon and 2pm slt, and go all night until 2am! Best DJ's in sl! oh ya gurllllll :)

Pose - {.:exposeur:.} Trying To Hold On

What I am wearing..
Hair - LoQ Berryjuice in dark brown (previous TDR)
[Gos] Triumph Boots
[DDL] For God's Sake Necklace
[pumpkin] pimp jacket - new!
Candydoll Skinny Jeans - new!
Sunglasses - RYCA - RA201
Pink Acid Protected Cross Tattoo

On Spencer..
Hoodie - Gabrielle
Jeans - Not So Bad
sneaks - 2real

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